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The Responsibility of the Artist

protest pro99 fist

If 2017 already seems a little grim, well, it’s likely because it is  a little grim.  A lot of the country is miserable over the outcome of the presidential election.  Or, more precisely, what is presently happening as a result of that election.  Examples of unprecedented behavior include: Election Numbers:  Donald Trump falsely claiming he won in a landslide. Social Media Channels:  Donald Trump using ...

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Privacy Please

condom privacy sex

Though hard to imagine today, federal law once prevented anyone from using the U.S. Postal Service to send contraceptives. In fact, the same law prevented people from using the Postal Service to send ads of contraceptives or even educational materials  about them! This law was finally deemed unconstitutional in 1965. In Griswold v. Connecticut,  the U.S. Supreme Court found the law violated not the right ...

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The Divisiveness of Demographics

glass heart broken demographics

You remember the story of Solomon and the Baby?  Solomon was able to smoke out the true mother of the child by threatening to divide it.  The fake mother, who must have been awfully cynical, was down with his solution. That’s something I never understood.  I mean, what would this woman do with pieces of a baby? The de facto  motto of the United States ...

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When the Audience Phones It In

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Why are you here? This is not one of the metaphysical questions Gauguin painted.  It is a very direct question.  You are, after all, seated in a theater and waiting for the show to begin. So. Back to the question: Why are you here? Is it because you know someone in the show?  A roommate?  A friend?  Perhaps your orientationally-appropriate partner wanted to see this ...

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A Call to Action: Using #LAThtrAwards to promote #LAThtr

#LAThtrAwards and the Cloud

In the true spirit of Twitter, I’m about to summarize this entire column in 137 characters.  Ready? People should tweet live from #LAThtrAwards shows to help promote #LAThtr & start with @LAWeekly Awards hosted by @ZombieJoes on April 7. Okay, let’s now flesh out this tweet. Last week I expressed my disappointment when I discovered I couldn’t follow the LADCC Awards in real-time. It was not because no ...

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No Live Tweeting? That’s Failure to Communicate

tweeting is communication

True story: I once worked in a small tech start-up where the VP of Operations declared at a company meeting: “We won’t be spending any more money on advertising until our sales increase.” I’ll pause for a moment so you can really appreciate that remark. (Insert sound of my idle humming here.) Back? Then I’ll let you in on this further tidbit: This same person ...

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When an Idiot Owns a Smartphone


Dear Lady-Seated-Three-People-to-my-Left, My apologies but, when I slid past you to take my theater seat Saturday night, I didn’t recognize you. I do remember your peach-colored dress. And that you chatted amicably with the fellow who accompanied you. But, in all honesty, you looked like any one of a number of theater patrons: the people who use some of their leisure time to experience a ...

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When They Can’t Take a Joke


There’s an old techie joke — did I just lose half of you? — about a pair of balloonists who are caught in some bad weather and have to make an emergency landing somewhere in Washington state. Fortunately, they are able to touch down safely in a wide field. Completely disoriented and not knowing their precise location, the pair spot an engineer and call out ...

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So Where’s Your Digital Barbaric YAWP on Twitter?

twitter - old school

“Why do I need a smartphone? I’ve lived all my life without one.” “It’s true, Ma. You don’t need a smartphone. People went thousands of years without them. People also went thousands of years without indoor plumbing.” Some days it seems like it’s easier to update computers than mothers. Perhaps you know a Luddite – someone who doesn’t have an affinity for technology. Luddites would ...

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