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Letter to the Editor: Plaintiffs’ Response to AEA President (final part)

The intimate theatre community is a community of artists. We believe artists should be paid. We share that common goal with Equity. We also believe Equity’s attempt to radically alter intimate theatre in Los Angeles is precipitous and will not lead to more contract houses and more paying jobs for artists here in Los Angeles. We hope we can work with Equity and other local ...

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Letter to Editor: Plaintiffs’ Response to AEA President (Part 1)

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We thank Dakin Matthews, Steven Leigh Morris and many others for their eloquent, considered responses to Kate Shindle’s recent statements during her interview on The Producer’s Perspective. As Mr. Matthews said we also think “she is an admirable, trustworthy, and hard-working president,” and we “don’t for an instant question her integrity or her motives.” Like Mr. Matthews, our concern is with ideas and actions. We ...

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Dakin Matthews responds to Actors’ Equity President

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Well-known actor and scholar, Dakin Matthews, responds to the remarks made by Equity President Kate Shindle in a recent podcast: First of all, I am responding to what was printed online on the Footlights webpage, and I don’t know who transcribed the interview (you can read it there), or if the transcription is accurate at all points. Second, it was an interview, so presumably Kate ...

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UPDATED: Actors’ Equity President on the 99-Seat Plan

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Actors’ Equity President, Kate Shindle, was recently interviewed by Ken Davenport for The Producer’s Perspective.  The podcast covers a number of pressing issues facing Equity and her first 9 months as Union President (she took office in June, 2015).  At the 37:55 mark, Shindle gives her assessment of the situation in LA associated with Equity’s significant alterations of the Los Angeles 99-seat plan and the ...

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Actors’ Equity Association, plaintiffs in Asner vs. Actors’ Equity litigation announce continuation of talks  

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Press Release from Steven J. Kaplan (attorney for plaintiffs):  Actors’ Equity Association and the plaintiffs in the Asner vs. Actors’ Equity litigation announced today that they commenced discussions concerning a possible resolution; they did not reach agreement in their initial meetings. Both parties agreed to continue discussions in the near future.  In December 2015, Equity agreed to extend the use of the Transitional 99 Seat ...

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BREAKING: Actors’ Equity Agrees to Meet with Lawsuit Plaintiffs

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Broadway World: Actors’ Equity released a statement today: Actors’ Equity Association announced today that the union and the plaintiffs in the Asner vs. Actors Equity Litigation have agreed to meet. Due to pending litigation Actors’ Equity will not make any further statements about the meeting. See Also: Members of Actors’ Equity File Lawsuit Against Their Union Full Text of LA Actor lawsuit against AEA & ...

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Dakin Matthews: A Layman Looks at the Lawsuit

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I’m no lawyer, but here’s my quick take on the lawsuit in more or less plain English. Who is being sued? AEA and Mary McColl, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Who is suing? Eighteen parties, all but two, apparently, members of AEA. But not all parties have the same standing; that is, the same basis for a suit: that they have sustained or will sustain harm ...

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A View of the AEA Member Lawsuit from the Bay Area

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Bitter Gertrude: A take on the lawsuit that Actors’ Equity members had to bring on their own Union from the Bay Area.  It all comes down to funding.  Will this latest from Equity drive all American theater to “go indie”?  

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Actors’ Equity: Official Response to Member Lawsuit Filing

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Actors’ Equity Association Statement on the Minimum Wage Lawsuit Actors’ Equity Association is a labor union that exists primarily to advocate for better wages and working conditions for its artist members. After dedicating months of staff time, conducting surveys and membership meetings–and considering the results of the advisory referendum, which prompted AEA’s Council to carve out even more exemptions to its original proposals–the governing body ...

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BREAKING: Full Text of LA Actor lawsuit against AEA and Mary McColl

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Case 2:15-cv-08169 Document 1 Filed 10/17/15 Page 1 of 37 1    LAW OFFICES OF STEVEN J. KAPLAN       Steven J. Kaplan 2    11377 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 500 3    Los Angeles, CA 90064 4 5        ALSTON & BIRD, LLP 6    Martha S. Doty 7    333 South Hope Street, 16th Floor 8    Los Angeles, CA 90071-3004 9 10    Attorneys for Plaintiffs 11 12                               UNITED STATES ...

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