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The Responsibility of the Artist

protest pro99 fist

If 2017 already seems a little grim, well, it’s likely because it is  a little grim.  A lot of the country is miserable over the outcome of the presidential election.  Or, more precisely, what is presently happening as a result of that election.  Examples of unprecedented behavior include: Election Numbers:  Donald Trump falsely claiming he won in a landslide. Social Media Channels:  Donald Trump using ...

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Jon Mullich


There are thousands upon thousands of people coming out of high schools and colleges all over America every year that are determined to pursue a life as an ACTOR! Parents cry, friends smile, family wonders how long they’re going to have to support the lunacy. For most, in short order it becomes apparent that it’s not all fun and games, it’s hardly glamorous, and with ...

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Even 9 + 1 More Musings after AEA Votes to End the “99-Seat Plan”

Intermission - Act 1 is over

1)  “Don’t you want to pay actors?” sounds to me a lot like “Don’t you love your country?” 2)  Speaking of paying actors, one of the “big lies” repeated endlessly by Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) Executive Director Mary McColl is that actors are the only ones not getting paid in Los Angeles intimate theater.  And yet one of the people campaigning hard for AEA, Armina ...

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