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Letter to the Editor: Plaintiffs’ Response to AEA President (final part)

The intimate theatre community is a community of artists. We believe artists should be paid. We share that common goal with Equity. We also believe Equity’s attempt to radically alter intimate theatre in Los Angeles is precipitous and will not lead to more contract houses and more paying jobs for artists here in Los Angeles. We hope we can work with Equity and other local ...

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Letter: 99-Seat Plan to Equity Contract – The Data

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[The database discussed in this letter has since been updated.  Details may be found here.] I just spent about a year of researching 99-Seat productions that moved to contracts. And here’s what I found (with help from the Los Angeles Theater Community): At least 127 productions that began in 99-Seat theaters graduated to a level where the actors received Equity contracts. 917 Equity contracts were ...

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Letter to Editor: Plaintiffs’ Response to AEA President (Part 2)

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“And the other is that – and I think this is one of the things that guided the Council – the idea that a mid-sized theater could open at this point, or even a smallish theater, could open at this point in Los Angeles when they had to compete with the 99-seat business model (which is much more cost-effective) is kind of preposterous.”  ~ Actors’ ...

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A Modern Union

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Actors’ Equity Association, the labor union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States, is getting ready for its annual elections. Out of fifty thousand members, the hope is to get ten thousand members to participate. Should that effort succeed, the result would be a significant increase over the number of votes cast in 2015. And 2015 was actually a spike year in ...

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2015 Stage Raw Award Nominees Announced

Nominees for the Stage Raw Awards for 2015 productions have been announced.  Now in its second year, the Stage Raw Awards are given to honor the excellence found in Los Angeles 99-seat (intimate) theater.  Winners will be announced at the show on Monday night April 25 at Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street, Downtown Los Angeles.  Dr. Pinch (Independent Shakespeare Co.’s David Melville) ...

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UPDATED: Actors’ Equity President on the 99-Seat Plan

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Actors’ Equity President, Kate Shindle, was recently interviewed by Ken Davenport for The Producer’s Perspective.  The podcast covers a number of pressing issues facing Equity and her first 9 months as Union President (she took office in June, 2015).  At the 37:55 mark, Shindle gives her assessment of the situation in LA associated with Equity’s significant alterations of the Los Angeles 99-seat plan and the ...

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LASA plan for Theatre Centers has a future

The hope of building theatre centers seems one step closer today, as the West Hollywood City Council has earmarked funds to buy the Coast Playhouse on Santa Monica Blvd. “The Coast Playhouse redevelopment and activation will anchor a potential Center City Arts District …”    

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Gregg Daniel Profiled in Huffington Post

Huffington Post:  Film actor and local theater presence Gregg Daniel gets some national mainstream exposure as he expands his creative endeavors to include directing. “Learn everything there is to know about the craft you hope to practice for the rest of your life.”

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Rogue Moves

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KCRW:  It’s been widely known for a few weeks now that the much-feted Rogue Machine Theatre company was moving from the only home it has had since its founding in 2008.  Critic Anthony Byrnes reflects on this and points out that place is indelibly part of production and that theater is indeed part of theatre. Beyond Rogue Machine’s move there’s a lot of shifting real ...

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The Echo Theatre Company Announces 2016 Season

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The Echo Theatre Company‘s 2016 season will include five premieres, up from four in 2015: Feb. 6 – March 13:  World premiere of Bed  (playwright Sheila Callaghan, director Jennifer Chambers).  The man. The woman. The couple. The other man. The bed. April 9 – May 15:  Los Angeles premiere of Dry Land  (playwright Ruby Rae Spiegel, director Alana Dietze).  Ester is a swimmer trying to stay afloat. ...

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