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Working Black Actor Talks Inequality

lone black actor onstage footlights

Vox:  A powerful piece by a Chicago-based black actor who relates what it’s like to be a black actor in both film and theater. So when we yell #OscarsSoWhite, I stand here thinking, “So is the rest of the industry.” The inequality starts from the bottom and works its way to the top until it becomes fully institutionalized.

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Hollywood Fringe 2016 is Officially Beginning

hollywood fringe festival

Registration for the seventh annual Hollywood Fringe Festival is now open. The first Town Hall of the Fringe season is Wednesday February 10.  Details follow from the official Hollywood Fringe Press Release: Join us Wed., February 10th, 8-10 PM at The Dragonfly. Our first Town Hall will take you through the steps of registering for the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The discussion will end with a Q&A ...

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Audiences Can Fix the Diversity Problem in Hollywood

footlights diversity

Diversity is making headlines in both theatre and film. During an interview with Variety, “Mr. Pig” star Diego Luna offers a different take on the issues of diversity and responsibility, illuminating the widespread controversy as a topic not just generated by productions, casting or voting seasons. “Audiences also play a role in what’s reflected…”

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Writing For LA Theatre-Land

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During a ’shoot from the hip’ L.A. theatre chat, TV writers (also producer & director respectively), David Castro (Married with Children, Bobby’s World, HBO) and Stan Zimmerman (The Golden Girls, Roseanne, Gilmore Girls) opened up about what it’s been like writing for stage after having lengthy and successful careers in network television. For David, theatre has been a life-long passion since attending Broadway matinees as a ...

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How Social Media is Pushing Hollywood to Fix Its Diversity Problem

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If you’ve been wondering what the value is for actively embracing and participating (posting, sharing, tweeting, retweeting, commenting) in social media and social media for the arts, this article from Fast Company should give you an idea about the power of its uses. Co.Create: Stars like Spike Lee, Snoop Dogg, and Jada Pinkett Smith have incited a revolution…and it started with an Instagram post. Impassioned ...

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Hollywood Fringe 2016 is Beginning

hollywood fringe festival footlights

Official Press Release:  Organizers of the Hollywood Fringe Festival (www.hollywoodfringe.org) have announced the details of this year’s Town Hall & Workshop Series, a collection of free community events designed to assist venues, participants and other community members prepare for the 2016 Festival. Festival Director Ben Hill is slated to lead the town halls, which are primarily informative sessions packed with registration and marketing details. The networking-focused workshops will be led by successful Fringe veterans ...

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Is “Fringe” a Pejorative Term?

The Stage: With people beginning to plan for the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival, this article from London is an interesting conversation starter.  West End director, Phil Willmott, worries that publications have decided that “Fringe” means, well, fringe.  Couple this with a loss of theater critics who could properly vet the theater scene for the general public and he claims there is now a situation where ...

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Steve Julian: An LA Presence

The City of Angeles is the land of the motored commute.  And so it’s not surprising that many in Los Angeles are accustomed to the radio sound of Steve Julian, the Morning Edition  host of Southern California’s NPR affiliate KPCC (89.3 FM).  His voice, after all, is boomed from the antenna atop Mt. Wilson and reaches all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  But many ...

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In With the New

2015 was a big year for Los Angeles Theatre and here at FootLights, we couldn’t be more proud. Every step of the way brought enormous upheaval and sometimes difficult change for the community. But with that change also came triumph. We’ve seen gorgeous original plays emerge, local female playwrights taking more of the lead, another successful Summer festival season, Hollywood Theatre Row officially designated, strategic ...

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Sacred Fools to Move to Theatre Row Hollywood

sacred fools footlights

ThisStage.LA:  In a year that has been full of surprising twists and turns for the Los Angeles Theater Community, Sacred Fools has announced it will be moving into the space recently vacated by the Elephant Theatre Company on Theatre Row Hollywood.  Sacred Fools’ President, Bruno Oliver, explains the details to Julio Martinez: …we do want Sacred Fools to be actively involved in the livelihood of ...

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