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Video Profile: Ali Stroker, the First Actor in a Wheelchair to Perform on Broadway

ali stroker footlights

Ali Stroker has been spotlighted in several articles recently.  Here are two very different video profiles of her, the first actor in a wheelchair to perform on Broadway:  

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A Conversation with Vanessa and French Stewart

Vanessa and French Stewart

Vanessa:  French thinks of LA Theater like farming. I think of it like cooking. Both metaphors are about creating something from nothing.  Growing up in the kitchens of Louisiana, I would try one of my mother’s recipes over and over again until I got it right. And getting it right meant people walking away from the dinner table having experienced something special. No wonder that ...

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Glenda Jackson Laments Lack of Key Acting Roles for Women

women roles in theatre, acting, Glenda Jackson

The Guardian: Five months after standing down from her Hampstead and Kilburn constituency, Academy Award winner Glenda Jackson is acting again, featuring in a radio adaptation of the 20-volume cycle Les Rougon-Macquart by Émile Zola. But the former Labour MP’s reaquaintance with the industry has left her profoundly unimpressed with the dearth of roles for older women and an absence of lead roles for female ...

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Why Doesn’t L.A. Get the Cool New Plays Like Those Cities Back East?

L.A. Theatre, plays, Everything You Touch

LA Weekly:  Los Angeles has a lot going for it when it comes to theater. It’s filled with creative types, has a large and vocal 99-seat theater scene, is home to some heavyweight large theaters putting on big-budget productions and is crawling with successful TV and film actors who enjoy doing stage work.  Why, then, do so many of the country’s coolest plays — including ...

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Jon Mullich

There are thousands upon thousands of people coming out of high schools and colleges all over America every year that are determined to pursue a life as an ACTOR! Parents cry, friends smile, family wonders how long they’re going to have to support the lunacy. For most, in short order it becomes apparent that it’s not all fun and games, it’s hardly glamorous, and with ...

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Deborah S. Craig

You know that indescribable quality that defines a “star”?  Sometimes it is labeled as charisma or sex appeal and other times you just can’t put your finger why someone is extraordinary.  Well, if you spend any amount of time with Deborah S. Craig you’ll get a sense of what I am talking about plus you’ll probably laugh your ass off. “I started acting because people ...

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Patty McCormack

A stint of much needed rain was falling outside The Whitefire Theatre when a petite woman ducked inside the lobby.  She was wearing a bright pink shirt under her coat that  popped her piercing blue eyes.  The same blue eyes that helped her win the role as Rhoda Penmark in the 1956 classic film, The Bad Seed.  As she threw her bags down on the ...

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Tonya Cornelisse

There is no one in the world like Tonya Cornelisse. No one. Her sultry voice, ginger head of hair and more sweet, raw talent wrapped up in her petite frame than all that Halloween can handle. Cornelisse grew up in Chicago and Grand Rapids and started working professionally as soon as she could hustle her parents into the car. “I was overwhelming to say the ...

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A Timely Portrayal: Pamela Daly as Margaret Sanger

Timing is everything. Acting teacher and professional veteran of film/TV, Pamela Daly, appreciates the divisive climate as she prepares to bring women rights activist Margaret Sanger to the stage in her one-woman show at the El Portal Theatre in NoHo succinctly called “Sanger.” “It’s so charged!” Daly utters with a wide-eyed expression of wonder tinged with apprehension. “I always wanted to portray a strong, historic ...

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Dakin Matthews

Dakin Matthews footlights

Dakin Matthews deeply understands the actor, although his journey has been anything but traditional.  “I never intended on being an actor.  I fell into it by way of teaching,” Matthews says.  “I was teaching in the Bay Area and stumbled onto stage as a way to better understand the (Shakespearean) text I was teaching my students.”  For twenty years, Matthews drove upwards to a hundred ...

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