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A Conversation with Vanessa and French Stewart

Vanessa and French Stewart

Vanessa:  French thinks of LA Theater like farming. I think of it like cooking. Both metaphors are about creating something from nothing.  Growing up in the kitchens of Louisiana, I would try one of my mother’s recipes over and over again until I got it right. And getting it right meant people walking away from the dinner table having experienced something special. No wonder that ...

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NoHo Arts District and Pro99 to Host Street Party to Save AJS Costumes

NOHO Arts District,

Broadway World : The NoHo Arts District and members of the “Pro99” Los Angeles theater community are throwing a block party to raise awareness about the impact that new regulations from Actor’s Equity Association, the union of actors’ and stage managers, is having on the local community — including including AJS Costumes which is in danger of going out of business.  http://bit.ly/1JQewgQ

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Why Is There A Fight?

fight, 99 seat theatre, Actors' Equity Association

The standoff between Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) and its members moves on without any sign of shifting positions. The word from AEA is that they will not consider any changes to the plan they have promulgated, and the majority of the members continue to insist that their Union not only failed to heed the voice of the members, but is also endangering the theatre community ...

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One Actor’s Tale: Tornado Weather

tornado weather, William Salyers, 99 seat theatre

Bitter Lemons: “…about 5 years ago, I hit a real sweet spot. I was on a TV show that was well-loved and well-payed. I played a lead role, yet could still go to Ralph’s for cat food – and in the evenings, I had my theater… Then, some very concerned folks Re-imagined LA theater for me. As a result, the stage actors’ union, Actors Equity, ...

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The Art of The Intimate

film is intimate - so is 99 seat theater

“I know it’s 4 weeks away, but I wanted to tell you that CDs, even a boxed set, are not the kind of a birthday present you give to someone you are intimate with.” It was 7:16 am Sunday morning and I was lying in bed, asleep, next to her.  I try to fight my way to full consciousness. “Huh?” was all I could muster. ...

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Pro-99 Movement Release Letter to AEA President Kate Shindle

letter to the editor footlights

Stage Raw:  Last week, members of the Pro-99 movement, whose current contact person is Lisa Glass, released their long-awaited congratulatory letter to newly elected AEA President Kate Shindle, who actively courted the Pro-99 seat faction during the months leading up to her election while the Union management’s abrasive campaign battered their Pro-99 members. The letter represents a cordial attempt to remind her of that fact. Paul Birchall ...

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The Sounds of Silence

Stage Raw: Can Actors’ Equity Association new president Kate Shindle save her union by setting the factual record straight to the rank-and-file membership from Los Angeles to New York, on Equity’s aggressive behavior towards its LA members and its unwillingness to speak to the community regarding the 99-Seat plan? Kevin Delin looks at Shindle’s deafening silence, the current cost to the membership and why she can ...

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Art vs Commerce

One of the warriors of the Pro99 movement recently posted a statement on Facebook that is not only worthy of repeating, but important to understand. William Salyers said, “Those who believe in art as an end unto itself will ultimately prevail for one simple reason: we will not quit. Those who believe in art as a function of commerce will eventually lose interest, because the ...

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Will L.A. Actors Sue Their Union?

99 seat theatre, Los Angeles Intimate Theatre

L.A. Weekly: “We haven’t been treated fairly, and everybody knows it, says actress Maria Gobetti. She’s objecting to the elimination of L.A.’s 99-Seat Theate plan by Actor’s Equity Union…a plan that has fostered a theater culture hailed by critics, local officials and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and has created intrinsic value for actors. http://bit.ly/1JyRkbQ

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L.A. Small Theater Hit ‘Louis & Keely’ Makes Comeback After Six Years

LA Times: L.A. small theater hit “Louis & Keely: Live at the Sahara” is back on its feet after a six-year interruption and is headed for the Geffen Playhouse and Laguna Playhouse this winter in what’s billed as a new production that includes Taylor Hackford as director and Vanessa Claire Stewart as pop singer Keely Smith. http://lat.ms/1JKFfAn

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