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For the Love of a Glove
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For the Love of a Glove

Bazalaam Beats Productions
Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan Theater at the Center for Inquiry West
2535 W Temple St
Los Angeles, CA , 90026

An unauthorized musical fable about Michael Jackson's life, as told by his glove.

Was young Michael Jackson's career guided by five fantastically funky aliens who used him as a patsy to take over the earth?

Did God turn Michael white to get revenge on Donny Osmond and the Mormons for teaching that Black people were cursed?

Are Jehovah's Witnesses telling the truth when they teach that masturbating can make you gay?

Only one person knows the answers... and everyone thinks he's just a glove.

It might be the most f*ed up musical you'll ever see. And it's got puppets. Come meet the hand that grabbed Michael's gland in Neverland. We've got the trigger, and there is no warning.

January 25 - March 8, 2020
Genre: Musical
Box Office: 9143917115