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Sunday Dinner
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Sunday Dinner

Theatre 40
Theatre 40
241 South Moreno Dr
Beverly Hills, CA , 90212

Michael Matera, a young priest in the Chicago Archdiocese, returns to his parents’ home in the Bronx after his grandfather dies. The Matera clan is gathering at the family home for Sunday dinner.


      Soon after Michael arrives, his retired working-class father Eddie confesses a sin (more like a felony, really)  to Michael. It’s a misdeed which could have serious consequences for other members of the family. To Eddie’s dismay, Michael refuses to grant him absolution. There are reasons for this (which won’t be given away here; You’ll have to see the play to find out).


      Eddie’s not the only one with secrets. Michael has a few of his own. He’s admitted to himself that he’s gay, but he hasn’t yet come out to his family. Things are about to get more complicated, as Michael’s female ex-lover (who is still interested in him) has also been invited as a guest for Sunday dinner.


      Can the Materas withstand the weight of so much sin, secrecy and shame? Would revealing all cleanse the family or destroy it?

Written and directed by Tony Blake.

January 16 - February 16, 2020
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