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Summer Shows

The Second City Hollywood
The Second City Hollywood
6560 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA , 90028

Fridays 8pm: Trump in Space - The Musical
Trump in Space is Star Trek meets Avenue Q meets Trump, a musical battle of good vs bad, and ideals vs opportunism. 

Fridays 9:30pm: Opening Night: The Improvised Musical!® 
A Broadway-style musical that is made up on the spot, based on a single audience suggestion. 

Saturdays 7pm: Canuck as F*ck: Going down in a blaze of sorry!
Enough is enough! It's time to speak our truth, and tell you what we really think a-boot the state of the world. Sorry, not sorry!  

Saturdays 8:30pm: MORE GUNS! A Musical Comedy About the NRA
The National Rifle Association is here to save the day – through song and dance! 

Saturdays 10pm: SHADE - A Colorful Musical Comedy 
A doppelganger switcheroo! Come laugh at how alike--and different--we truly are in this bold new look at how we look at each other.

Saturdays & Sundays @ 12noon: The Really Awesome Improv Show
"Whose Line is it Anyway," but 100% family friendly, and voted "Best Kids' Comedy Show" by LA Magazine. 


May 31 - August 17, 2019
Noon & 7:00pm
Genre: Comedy