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Tangerine Sunset
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Tangerine Sunset

Sacred Fools Theater Company
The Broadwater Main Stage
1076 N Lillian Way
Los Angeles, CA , 90038

TANGERINE SUNSET tells the story of several unlucky souls who find themselves the involuntary guests of a palatial estate on a mysterious private island. These celebrities, billionaires, madmen, and innocents desperately try to survive the night with their lives and sanity intact. Somewhere in the dark intersection of murder, mayhem, and laughter lies the Tangerine Sunset.

This homegrown play will close the 22nd Season in the Broadwater Main Stage. In the vein of Absolutely Filthy, Watson, A Kind of Love Story and Beaverquest!, Sacred Fools brings you another show created in its late-night comedy cauldron, Serial Killers.

March 15 - April 13, 2019
Genre: Comedy
Box Office: (323) 207-5605