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The Chinese Wall
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The Chinese Wall

The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre
The Group Rep
10900 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA , 91601

Swiss playwright, Frisch, wrote this "timely" play in 1946. Yet, its satire and theatricality make an astounding comment on today's seemingly farcical political arena. What sort of emperor would delight in the completion of a protective wall (The Great Wall of China) that could reach from New York to Berlin? Part tragedy, comedy, history, farce, and satire this wildly unpredictable theatrical event knows no bounds as it blends well-known characters from literature with real life historical people and places them all together on an ethereal stage that rivals and parrallels today's headlines. A rich, witty, wry, look at history and "time" itself.

January 26 - March 11, 2018
Genre: Comedy