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Rose and The Rime
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Rose and The Rime

Sacred Fools Theater Compa
Sacred Fools Theater
1076 N. Lillian Way
Hollywood, CA , 90038

WEST COAST PREMIERE! “Maybe next time we’ll have a different story.” ROSE AND THE RIME tells the tragic and magical story of the frozen town of Radio Falls. When Uncle Roger reveals to young Rose the truth about her parents, Rose sets off to find the mysterious Rime Witch. What follows is a stark transformation of the town and its inhabitants. From snowfall and sledding to witches and barbecues, the tale of Radio Falls and its inhabitants is spun right before our eyes through a mixture of inventive ensemble physicality, music, and puppetry, all supported by projected animation. Like all great fables, it’s sophisticated and mature while accessible to all ages. One of the House Theatre of Chicago's most beloved original myths, Rose and the Rimereminds us once more that in order to last, happiness must be shared: if we keep it for ourselves, it will disappear.

January 13 - February 25, 2017
Genre: Drama