Publisher’s Statement

A professionally produced playbill dedicated to illuminating theatre and connecting to audiences.

Peter Finlayson, Footlights Editor-in-Chief
Peter Finlayson
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Theatre is a vast and constantly evolving landscape. At any given moment, tens of thousands of artists everywhere are working together in some form of collaboration to communicate with audiences, entertain them, remind viewers of their history, give them a glimpse of the future, or critique the present.  Theatre offers a kaleidoscope of perspectives, creative outlets, bold platforms and rich opportunities for incubating exciting new ideas. Ultimately live theatre, in all communities, has the power to effect positive change.

The array of choices or simply where to find them, can be confusing. Footlights  strives to make all that data clear. We serve as a conduit of information for the audience, offering comprehensive insight into the theatre scene, theatre productions and the artists that create them. And we extend a greater reach to the theatres themselves by helping them connect with their communities.

Coming of age in the 60’s I learned to question everything and believe in nothing. By coincidence, I discovered the rapture of theatre and in a moment of epiphany, I was transformed.

Cast in a studio production of The Dumb Waiter  by Harold Pinter, when on opening night, the curtain went up, I suddenly came to realize the significance of live performance. Discovering the power of communication, the insight of questions, and the strength of possibilities gave me a sense of purpose. And so much to my mother’s chagrin, I forewent her long planned career for me in law and began a lifelong commitment to theatre.

With each play in which I became engaged, I discovered that communication and community commitment coupled with imagination and artistic expression, offered a path of reasonable resolution to the complexities of the human condition.

In time, I recognized that my purpose was more to serve theatre than to have it serve me and I eventually discovered my place, as founder and publisher of Footlights.  My life mission is now to spread the word and world of theatre; to illuminate communities by showing all that theatre can offer as a means for understanding and growth, as well as entertainment.

Theatre is my life.

~ Peter