What is FootLights?

FootLights is a professionally produced gloss paper program or what some call a playbill. With customized full color covers, and program content unique to each client, FootLights offers an effective and professional solution for cross promoting your show with other plays running concurrently. While your show is running, a listing of your show appears in all the other programs that FootLights produces.

What services does Footlights offer?

Theater programs are our specialty.  We also offer all the graphic services related to theater marketing. We have graphic designers and the resources to offer everything from postcards to posters. Most importantly, we serve as a unifying factor in bringing the Theater Community together by providing a focal point for Theater information.


Can you take me through the process of ordering programs with FootLights?

The first step is to fill out a copy of our “Start Form”. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive information about deadlines and delivery schedules. Next, review our terms and conditions which outline all of the specs and deadlines.  Then, submit your material in a timely fashion. It’s really as simple as that.

What comes with my purchase of  FootLights programs?

When you order FootLights programs, we also list your production in all of the concurrent shows that use FootLights programs in your metropolitan area. As of June 2011, that means more then 50,000 theater viewers per month see the information about your show. Besides the listing, which offers all of the pertinent information about your production, low cost advertising is available to assure maximum exposure. Additionally you get the support of our entire staff to assure you that your FootLights programs are never a problem or concern.

Do you design my program?

If you need to have us design your programs, we do have the personnel to get the job done. While there is a nominal additional charge for this service, we have the experience to keep these costs to a minimum. However, if you provide a finished program in pdf format, there are no additional charges involved in getting you your FootLights programs, (delivery and shipping charges not included).

Is there a difference in price if I provide my own graphics?

We encourage every production to provide their own graphics. This enables each show to have a unique look. If you supply your graphics, you only pay for the printing and the delivery.

What is included in the program?

You may put anything you like within the pages allotted. We suggest that you include the following elements:

  • Title Page
  • Letters from director, producer, playwright….
  • Cast – Credits
  • Song List
  • Images
  • Bios
  • Acknowledgements
  • Advertisers

These are just suggestions. This is an opportunity to make the program absolutely unique to you. Another benefit is that we encourage you to put advertisers on your pages. These gray scale ads can help in the fund raising for you show and improve your bottom line.

What is the size of the FootLights program?

The actual dimensions of our book are 5.5” wide, by 8.5” tall.

How many pages are in the FootLights program?

FootLights provides 16-32 pages of editorial content. The standard page count for our client content is up to 16 pages, however the page count must be divisible by 4. If additional pages are required, or, if color printing is required, that can be arranged on a custom quote basis.

How do I send FootLights my images and text?

If the files you send are under 15MB, you may send them via email to the Art Department. If the files are larger than 15MB, we suggest yousendit.com. It’s free and easy to use.

How long does it take to print my FootLights programs?

We ask that color art, for the cover and ads be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to your need. The guts, or program content must be received by us in final form AT LEAST 10 business days prior to expected delivery. All deliveries are ready on Thursdays. Our terms and conditions outline the details clearly.

Are there monthly deadlines?

If you are submitting ad copy for insertion into the FootLights editorial section, the 15th of the month prior to publication is the deadline. Cover copy is due not less then 2 weeks prior. Programs are always ready on a Thursday, so program content, is always due on the Monday of the proceeding week.

Does FootLights offer hard copy proofs?

Generally, the pdf file you provide should be the only proof necessary. However, if we do the layout, we will provide a pdf proof at no extra charge. If a hard copy proof is required, then we need to add 3 days to the deadline and a proof charge will be incurred.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Quantities may be changed up to ten days prior to delivery at no additional charge. Once cover art has been submitted, and the deadline for submission is past, orders may be canceled, but there will be a charge for having printed the covers.

How many revisions do I get?

We print your entire order all at the same time. You make revisions up to the final submission of art at no additional charge. If there are changes after deadlines, additional charges will be incurred based upon where we are in the production process.

What are the costs?

The basic cost of programs is $.44 per copy for LA-area theaters and .44 per copy (plus shipping) for Bay Area theaters. Our terms and conditions provide details on other charges that may be incurred.

What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order is 1,000 programs. For those that need less, we do have a program offered where you may get a single printing of 500 programs with 8 pages of content for $350 (LA Market) or $375 (Bay Area market, standard shipping not included).

Who do I contact to purchase programs?

You may call our office at anytime phone (818)762-0484 or email.

Shipping, Collection & Payment

What form of payment do you take?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as payment by check or cash.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax is due on all orders placed within California, unless you have a sales and use permit from the State of California.

How will you ship my order?

Programs may be picked up from out location on a pre-scheduled basis. Deliveries to local theaters may be arranged for a nominal fee.  If shipping is required, our preferred carrier is FedEx ground, but you may select a carrier of your choice.

How do you compute shipping charges?

Shipping charges are based upon Carrier rates plus a nominal handling fee.

For Advertisers:

Theater audiences spend between 15-30 minutes looking at the program and the majority take them home with them!

What is the advantage of advertising with FootLights?

Advertising with FootLights means you reach one of the most desired demographics available, educated, affluent prospects with disposable incomes.

If you are interested in advertising with FootLights please contact Advertising


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