Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, 50 and Going Strong

The year is 1969. In January, Richard Nixon is inaugurated as the 37th president of the United States of America. Ronald Regan was in his third of eight years as Governor of California.  For all intents and purposes, the American dream was alive and well.  The only hic-cup was a place called Vietnam.  And there was another problem, racism.  Oh, one more thing, women had ...

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Boxing Lessons – New American Theatre

In 1978, two men that were accepted into the 11th class of the drama department at The Julliard School became fast friends. Jack Stehlin and John Bunzel developed a kinship which extended so far as to become a part of each others’ families. What makes that important to us is that on April 26th, 2019, they opened a play, Boxing Lessons, written by John Bunzel ...

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something WICKED

Off in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains—not yet in the hills, but you know you’ve been gaining altitude as you approach—sits the Mountainview Cemetery and Mausoleum.  Pulling into the parking lot of the Mausoleum at dusk is slightly eerie.  You know the feeling, the kind you used to get as a kid when driving by a cemetery.  The imagination takes flight and all ...

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Walk into the 24th St Theatre

There is a question that is seldom addressed – what does success look like if your passion is theatre and that is where you want to live?  Well, let’s take a little tour.  Just off of Hoover on 24th Street in Los Angeles, sits a theatre.  The one on the north side of the street.  Only the name of the theatre over the top of the front door ...

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Sacred Fools – The Broadwater

In 1997, I was performing in a production of Cyrano De Bergerac at the Knightsbridge Theatre in Pasadena.  One of my cast mates at the time, Stan Freitag, was very excited because he had just gotten involved with a new upstart theatre company in Hollywood called Sacred Fools.  Little aware was I as to how significant the upstart company would become in the subsequent years. ...

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We The People

How often have we heard some say, “Why do actors have to give us their political opinions? They’re paid to act, not tell me what to think!”  That’s a paraphrase, but I’m sure we’ve all heard something along those lines.  Aside from the fact that actors are always making a political statement by the very way they create a role,  it’s inherent in the process.  ...

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Resource Sharing For Los Angeles Theater

la stage alliance warehouse co-op costumes

Sustainability. It’s the buzz word du jour in Los Angeles theater with most of the current dialog focused on funding (When is it never focused on funding?!). Community partnerships, collaboration and keeping the theaters in business all fall under the broadly topical heading.  But narrow down the focus and you’ll discover one of the more intelligent resources functioning behind the red curtain, for local and ...

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HIPPOLife is Healing Through Art

Anthony and Christina Gilardi HIPPOLife

“I’m an actor and a coach.” OK. What else?  After teaching acting on Hollywood Row for years, Anthony Gilardi of Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio wanted to do more. He did. He created HIPPOLife, a non-profit dedicated to using art as a means of rehabilitation, social awareness, creative expression, empowerment, and helping his fellow man/woman.  I recently sat down with Anthony to find out more. Forming a nonprofit and creating active ...

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A twenty-year musical theatre tradition will be streamed live for the first time this year.  New Musicals Inc. will host the 20th STAGES FESTIVAL OF NEW MUSICALS from July 28th through July 30th in North Hollywood, and streamcast it across the globe. For the first time since its inception, the STAGES Festival will feature streaming of live and recorded new musical theatre events 24/7 beginning ...

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Banner Year for the Hollywood Fringe

hollywood fringe festival generic banner

The 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival did it again, With a significant rise in participation, attendance and revenue, it would seem that there is a hunger for new edgy works for Los Angeles audiences. Official HFF17 Stats The eighth Hollywood Fringe sold an estimated $540,000 in ticket sales. This is a 21% increase in ticket sales from last year. The numbers reflect a growth trend that has been ...

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