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Iconic L.A. Architects Neutra and Schindler Reunite in a Site-Specific Play

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Gia On The Move: Iconic L.A. architects Neutra and Schindler reunite in a site-specific play, ‘The Princes of Kings Road,’ at the Neutra Institute and Museum of Silverlake. In 1953, iconic L.A. architects Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler, onetime friends and business partners who had been bitterly estranged for 23 years, found themselves, by a vagary of fate, occupying the same hospital room in Cedars of ...

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The Most Popular High School Plays And Musicals

NPR: Bye Bye Birdie, Our Town and Beauty and the Beast have all spent time at the top of Dramatics’ high school theater rankings.  There’s just something about the high school stage. Dramatics magazine has been publishing its list of plays since 1938.

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It’s Not Easy, Bein’ Seen

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Stage Raw: There are hundreds of theaters, unknown even in their own back yards. You’d think in an age where “Google” has become a verb, no information could remain hidden. Kevin Delin looks at the causes of why L.A.’s intimate theater is “The Invisible Man,” and what to do about being seen.

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Will L.A. Actors Sue Their Union?

99 seat theatre, Los Angeles Intimate Theatre

L.A. Weekly: “We haven’t been treated fairly, and everybody knows it, says actress Maria Gobetti. She’s objecting to the elimination of L.A.’s 99-Seat Theate plan by Actor’s Equity Union…a plan that has fostered a theater culture hailed by critics, local officials and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and has created intrinsic value for actors.

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Who’s An Amateur?

HowlRound: Jonathan Mandell on the shifting definitions of “amateur”,  “professional theater” and “theater professional.” “Given the economic reality, don’t we have to come up with a definition of ‘theater professional’ that doesn’t exclude people who make their living in other ways?”  

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Directors Are Too Scared To Make Theatre

THE STAGE: Phil Willmott writes why a new generation of directors is too scared to make theatre –  “I’ve had people contacting me in tears for advice after being bullied by the very union they, like me, have always supported.”

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L.A. Small Theater Hit ‘Louis & Keely’ Makes Comeback After Six Years

LA Times: L.A. small theater hit “Louis & Keely: Live at the Sahara” is back on its feet after a six-year interruption and is headed for the Geffen Playhouse and Laguna Playhouse this winter in what’s billed as a new production that includes Taylor Hackford as director and Vanessa Claire Stewart as pop singer Keely Smith.

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When a Man With a Gun Is Upset That You Slept With His Sister

L.A. Weekly: In Lyle Kessler’s The Great Divide, director David Fofi’s final production before departing the Elephant Stages, a father and two sons enmeshed in a lifetime of resentment and abuse replay their rancor in the presence of a one-armed psychopath and his sister.

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Re: the “Re” in Theatre

American Theatre:  Why do we spell it ‘theatre’? As with many questions of language, there’s a simple answer but not a ‘right’ one.

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Caption Contest: The 99-Seat Debate Edition

AMERICAN THEATRE: Every month, American Theatre wants YOUR input. We post up a new cartoon and you, readers, are invited to write a caption to it. This month caption this image and win a copy of Young Jean Lee’s new play.

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