Tracey Paleo

Tracey Paleo is Associate Editor at FootLights Magazine. She's also the Founder and Chief Editor of the arts and culture site, Gia On The Move, where she often reviews live performance events.

War and Peace: Rebecca Metz on Actors’ Equity Association and Its Plan for L.A.

This Stage: Earlier this year the union’s heavily-lobbied proposal to replace the 99-Seat plan was put to an “advisory referendum,” i.e. a vote of the Los Angeles membership, which resoundingly rejected it by a 2-1 margin. Despite that vote, the union’s national council approved the plan, with some incremental variations. The union has announced that it will implement its plan in April, 2016, putting Los Angeles actors ...

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99-seat Incubated Revival “Spring Awakening” Heads to Broadway

99-seat theater

Deadline Hollywood: ‘Spring Awakening,’ in a co-production revival by Los Angeles based Deaf West Theatre and Forest Of Arden, will transfer to Broadway in the fall.  It was first presented in L.A. at Inner-City Arts’ 99-seat Rosenthal Theater and recently concluded a run at the 500-seat Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts in Beverly Hills.

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The Referendum, and its Discontents

Stage Raw: The National Council of Actors Equity Association overruled the overwhelming results of a local referendum.  Defying the clearly-expressed wishes of its local membership, the union insists that its actors must now work for at least minimum wage for rehearsals and performances, or – with a few exceptions — not at all.  What now?

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Tim Dang to Step Down, Making Way for New Leadership

East West Players (EWP), the nation’s longest running professional theatre of color and the largest creator of Asian Pacific artistic work, announced today that Tim Dang, Producing Artistic Director for the past 22 years, will step down in June 2016 at the end of the organization’s 50th Anniversary celebration in order to make room for new leadership.

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Hollywood Fringe Festival Announces 2015 Award Winners

The 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival ended last night after crowning this year’s award winners at the annual Award Ceremony and Closing Night Party. Over 650 people attended the event.

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10 Things I Loved About the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival

hollywood fringe generic

Huffington Post: “Here’s a question for you Angelenos: What has a 2000 person workforce, puts on more shows than any other theatre festival in the country, runs for over three weeks in June in dozens of theaters, and is probably Hollywood’s longest party of the year? The answer of course is the Hollywood Fringe Festival.“

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Pay Your Money, Take Your Chances

Pay your money! Is This Any Way to Run a Theatre Review Site? This year, Bitter Lemons’ annual critic’s panel wasn’t a discussion of the state of L.A. theatre criticism so much as a defense of the website’s controversial pay-for-review policy.  It’s a through-the-looking-glass reversal of long-accepted journalistic traditions.

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Elephant On The Move

For the last sixteen years, The Lillian Theatre has been home to The Elephant Theatre Company, in addition to housing hundreds of other groups and companies, putting up multiple award winning World, West Coast, and Los Angeles Premieres, and gaining a reputation as one of the most sought after venues in Southern California.  Now that’s all going away. The Elephant Theatre Company is producing its ...

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It’s Challenging Being an Actor in L.A.

Being an Actor in a Town Full of Them. Union actor Wendy Worthington reflects on the underlying purpose of creating theater in Los Angeles, pursuing and acting career and how her union’s changes are challenging that purpose.

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In For A Penny: A Little “Bitter”

San Francisco Theater Pub:  “My knowledge of the LA theatre scene isn’t as intimate of my knowledge of the Bay Area scene, so I’m forced to ask: Is Bitter Lemons so vital to the stability of the scene that it can make such demands? Seriously, I’m asking. “

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