Tracey Paleo

Tracey Paleo is Associate Editor at FootLights Magazine. She's also the Founder and Chief Editor of the arts and culture site, Gia On The Move, where she often reviews live performance events.

Celebration Theatre: Welcome to the Hood!

celebration theatre footlights

Within 15 minutes of Celebration Theatre announcing the location of its new home, the Lex Theatre at Lexington Ave & McCadden, Hollywood Theatre Row, artistic director Michael Shepperd was immediately greeted by a welcome email from Jon Imparato at the Los Angeles LGBT Center right down the street. He very subsequently also received a direct order:  “Come to one of my shows…(expletive)!” — a largely ...

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Pro-99 Movement Release Letter to AEA President Kate Shindle

letter to the editor footlights

Stage Raw:  Last week, members of the Pro-99 movement, whose current contact person is Lisa Glass, released their long-awaited congratulatory letter to newly elected AEA President Kate Shindle, who actively courted the Pro-99 seat faction during the months leading up to her election while the Union management’s abrasive campaign battered their Pro-99 members. The letter represents a cordial attempt to remind her of that fact. Paul Birchall ...

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Fountain Theatre Celebrates 25 Years as Vital, Intimate L.A. Stage

Fountain Theatre, intimate stage

Los Angeles Times: Fountain Theatre co-founder and co-artistic director, Stephen Sachs recalls a quarter-century of productions on one of L.A.’s most vital intimate theaters from Deborah Lawlor’s first phone call from a hospital bed to looking ahead at expansion. ‘I want to start a theater. Will you run it with me?’  ‘Absolutely.’ ”  

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Audience Member Seeks Relief Backstage During Performance

audience, signature theatre

Playbill: Oh No She Didn’t! There are many kinds of actor nightmares, but this looks like a new one. An intoxicated audience member climbed onto the stage of the Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA,  in the middle of Tina McCoy and Cal Chandler’s onstage duet “Alleluia” during an actual performance of The Fix, and exited through a door on the set seeking a restroom.

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The Sounds of Silence

Stage Raw: Can Actors’ Equity Association new president Kate Shindle save her union by setting the factual record straight to the rank-and-file membership from Los Angeles to New York, on Equity’s aggressive behavior towards its LA members and its unwillingness to speak to the community regarding the 99-Seat plan? Kevin Delin looks at Shindle’s deafening silence, the current cost to the membership and why she can ...

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Dramatists Guild Clashes With Minnesota Troupe Over New Play Fest

dramatists guild logo “Arrogant” and “cowardly” were words used by Doug Wright, president of the Dramatists Guild, to describe guidelines posted by the Words Players Theatre of Rochester, MN for its planned 2015 Original Short Play Festival.

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Iconic L.A. Architects Neutra and Schindler Reunite in a Site-Specific Play

Princes of Kings Road, play, theater, architects

Gia On The Move: Iconic L.A. architects Neutra and Schindler reunite in a site-specific play, ‘The Princes of Kings Road,’ at the Neutra Institute and Museum of Silverlake. In 1953, iconic L.A. architects Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler, onetime friends and business partners who had been bitterly estranged for 23 years, found themselves, by a vagary of fate, occupying the same hospital room in Cedars of ...

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The Most Popular High School Plays And Musicals

NPR: Bye Bye Birdie, Our Town and Beauty and the Beast have all spent time at the top of Dramatics’ high school theater rankings.  There’s just something about the high school stage. Dramatics magazine has been publishing its list of plays since 1938.

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It’s Not Easy, Bein’ Seen

footlights theater los angeles

Stage Raw: There are hundreds of theaters, unknown even in their own back yards. You’d think in an age where “Google” has become a verb, no information could remain hidden. Kevin Delin looks at the causes of why L.A.’s intimate theater is “The Invisible Man,” and what to do about being seen.

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Will L.A. Actors Sue Their Union?

99 seat theatre, Los Angeles Intimate Theatre

L.A. Weekly: “We haven’t been treated fairly, and everybody knows it, says actress Maria Gobetti. She’s objecting to the elimination of L.A.’s 99-Seat Theate plan by Actor’s Equity Union…a plan that has fostered a theater culture hailed by critics, local officials and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and has created intrinsic value for actors.

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