M.R. Hunter

Schindler and Neutra are “The Princes of Kings Road”

Lovel House architect Richard Neutra

It’s impossible to drive anywhere in Los Angeles and not notice the eclectic architecture is as ubiquitous as the palm trees. From Old Pasadena’s distinctive masonry to the steel high-rises sprouting up like weeds in regentrified areas, part of the city’s charm is in the pioneering flair towards individualistic design, if not, like its residents, relentlessly competing for attention. Two architects, Richard Neutra and Rudolph ...

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Lee Sankowich on the Zephyr Theatre

In the current climate of “NO!” within the 99-seat theater community, Wendy MacLeod’s “The House of Yes” is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a revival at the Zephyr Theatre. Directed by the Zephyr’s Producing Artistic Director Lee Sankowich, this black comedy marks a return in more ways than just the play itself, but also for Sankowich, whose gusty career has been much like what the ...

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“Properties of Silence” and Women’s Voices at the Pasadena Playhouse

“I walk beneath your pens, and am not what I truly am, but what you’d prefer to imagine me.” ― Juana Inés de la Cruz It is easy enough to claim that in our country, women have made great strides towards equality. Even now, this debate is still being fiercely waged as the constructs of feminism includes intersectionality of race and sexuality, along with gender. It ...

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Boston Court: Creative, Bold and Daring

There are a lot of buzzwords to describe Boston Court’s artistic vision; among them in their mission statement is creative, bold and daring. In the broadest terms, these are certainly applicable, but what sets Boston Court apart from other theaters requires the experience of seeing one of their productions to appreciate the uncompromising and dedicated passion they have to the eclectic, avant-garde and wholly original ...

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Calling All Playwrights! Skylight Theatre Offers a Home for New Voices to Shine

Like any art, theater is in a constant state of evolution. It enjoyed preeminence before the talkies appeared a century ago. Everything changes. Newspapers struggle against the internet, critics who once wrote essays and books on the state of theater let alone verbose reviews are reduced to a mere doubling of Twitter-sized word counts and a diminishing of their importance. Actors are not so nearly ...

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