Antaeus is Ready!

The seats are about to be filled. Antaeus Theatre Company is ready to occupy their new home: the Kiki and David Gindler Performing Arts Center located at 110 E. Broadway in Glendale. John Sloan, co-Artistic Director, recently gave a sneak peek tour to members of the press. The facility is a beautifully finished two stage complex that is far more fitting for this ambitious company then their previous cramped quarters in North Hollywood.

State of the art would be an apt description in touring the stage and the back stage areas. While production values have always been high for Antaeus shows, these new facilities will allow for even greater expression and more intricate design. Attention to detail is evident everywhere. From comfortable seating, to hardwired access for sound and lighting effects.

Aside from the two stage complex, there is a large lending library, ample dressing rooms, and niceties that exceed standards established by Actors’ Equity Association. Though Antaeus is a membership company and therefore not under the jurisdiction of AEA, painstaking care was taken to assure that compliance with industry standards were diligently met.

BlueberryStageThe two stage are beautiful performing spaces. While neither is deemed main stage or stage 1, the larger of the two, has seating for about 80 and a performance space that provides enough room for the next mounting of the battle of Agincourt, whenever that may occur. The second stage is a large open space, that is currently called the Blueberry Room, for the mixed dark hues of blue that cover the walls, and is designed to be an adaptable space with a seating capacity or around 45 people.

According to John, the new facilities will make it much easier to meet the needs of the Antaeus Community. With workshops, rehearsals, library and classes, it’s anticipated that the center will be a bustling environment. An inviting safe home for the advancement of theatre in greater LA.

There were a few other advantages to the new location, not the least of which is ample city parking, there’s a large parking structure right across from the theatre and a robust night life. Located on Broadway Between Brand and Maryland, audiences will have ample opportunity for pre-show of après show meals or drinks, there’s an incredible assortment of restaurants and clubs within easy walking distance.

LibraryLest you think that all that’s left is to put up shows, be aware, the building process is not yet complete. As with any arts complex, it is essential that a strong financial foundation be secured. To that end, there are lots of opportunities to donate to the Antaeus Theatre Company. From sponsoring rooms to naming rights to shelves in the library, here’s a chance to immortalize your contribution to the theatre community.

Visit the Antaeus, enjoy the shows, use the facilities and celebrate the growth of a deserving organization.

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