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Andre Barron Road Theatre homeCreating a home in the arts is a common occurrence. The camaraderie and shared experiences. Common ground and common goals. Hours and hours spent talking, planning, designing and performing. Building something that will last. It’s no surprise that any kid on his or her own might be drawn to all that dynamic energy and open creativity. For Road Theatre Company Resident Director Andre Barron, theater was a place at a young age to find focus and a true family.

What drew you to theater?

I was a latchkey kid. During the important growing up years of my life in junior high and high school, I was really on my own. I developed this need to be autonomous and a feeling that I had to go it alone in the world. But I was okay with it. I found comfort in what I knew I could count on. As a result, I got into theater and the arts at a very young age. It fed me, gave me purpose and a place to work stuff out. And I found that I could create my own families.

Why The Road Theatre Company?

I saw a play there about five years ago. I walked into that space and I just knew. It literally took me about three years before they really sat down and talked to me. The Road Theatre Company has been so generous and incredibly nurturing. I walked into a stage reading on a Monday night and somebody said to me, keep coming back and I said okay. Before you know it, I got a reading and another and then a show. I’ve worked with artistic director Sam Anderson and founder/artistic director Taylor Gilbert, twice in The Other Place and The Play About the Baby. I really feel like they are my creative family and a home-base for me and there’s a trust that we now have.

Well, there is a kind of vibe like you do belong at The Road…

Oh wow, that’s flattering! There are so many amazing artists there. We’ve made a concerted effort to up our game, do the best work we can. We are diligent about finding new plays that are challenging and exciting to us. We’re a nice group. There’s a real bond – this synergy of purpose between all of us.

What are your present goals?

Do a show a year and continue to work at other theaters as well, which I do already. I have a David Strassman show that I directed and previewed here in Los Angeles called I Teddy which has been on tour for a year and a half, currently in Australia.

What’s the big idea for you?

I’d love to be in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles as an artistic director of my own theater and an Equity director doing quality work that lives on. Expansive, visionary theater with purpose, that speaks to people. Theater is an arena. Every play is an event.

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