2017 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship Winners

The Hollywood Fringe Festival has announced the winners of the 2017 Fringe Scholarships. The 10 winners were chosen from an applicant pool of 150.  The applications were evaluated based on how much impact the production would have on the overall attraction of audience and the production’s potential to increase the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of artists and audience.

The winners of the 2017 Fringe Scholarships are:

Biiiitch, What is your Purpose??? – CoCo Pebbles is a black drag queen who is always questioning her purpose, destiny, and fate. She sometimes wonders, “Can a drag queen even be purposeful?”

Blamed: An Established Fiction – A new play from recent graduates of La Habra High School that combines text with live music and dance, to examine the girls and women throughout mythology, history, and literature who have been blamed for the ills of the world.

Chatter – A play about the voices in our head that belittle and berate us, portrayed by an ensemble cast primarily featuring black women. Each woman represents a different voice representing our main character’s negative views of herself.

La Casa de Bernarda Alba – This production, by a company of CalArts students and graduates, gives La Casa de Bernarda Alba a new form through multiple languages.

MexiKhan: Growing Up Mexican and Pakistani in America – “MexiKhan” is a personal story of growing up with a Mexican Catholic mother and Pakistani Muslim father, in a Black and Puerto Rican neighborhood in Chicago, weaving in comedy and hip hop as a tool to find belonging and acceptance in a divided world.

Mom? Dad? I have A.D.H.D… and other ways to let down The Indian Family – A playful, deep, audience-interactive heavy solo show, in which Mathur explores her A.D.H.D. diagnosis and the “model minority” stereotype – but it’s a comedy!

Secret Identity Crisis – A one-man show examining white-washing, Asian masculinity, power vs. race, and more–all through the secret identities of American superheroes.

Supa’Nova – A solo performance that chronicles a personal journey as an undocumented immigrant, an artist in a family of lawyers and engineers, and a woman in a man’s world.

Unspoken: Shakespeare’s Personae in Peril – Part One of a Trilogy on societal marginalization, enacted through Shakespeare’s “lesser known” characters, presented by an ensemble including actors from Haiti and Ghana/U.K., two LGBT identified actors, and three teenage Los Angeles Drama Club actors from Los Angeles.

Who You Calling A Bitch?!? – A solo reverie of a young African American actress as she navigates her identity through iconic African American characters and entertainers in Black History.

Fringe Scholarships, created in 2016, are open to first-time Hollywood Fringe participants. The 2017 Fringe Scholarships program has expanded to offer 10 awards, thanks to a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Fringe Scholarships provide each recipient with complimentary festival registration, three performances at a Hollywood Fringe Scholarship venue, a Fringe mentor, and marketing and networking opportunities as a member of the Fringe community.

This year’s scholarships also include three performance slots made possible by the Fringe Scholarship Venues: Complex Theatres, Lounge Theatre, Sacred Fools Theater, Studio/Stage, and Theatre Asylum.

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