Lineup Announced for 2017 Pacific Playwrights Festival

footlights south coast rep pacific playwrights festivalSouth Coast Repertory’s 20th Pacific Playwrights Festival (PPF), April 21-23, includes works from SCR’s renowned play commissioning program and from CrossRoads, SCR’s commissioning/community engagement program, which also yielded Qui Nguyen’s hit play, Vietgone. Created in 1998, the Pacific Playwrights Festival has grown into one of the leading festivals of new plays in the country.

The three full productions at the 2017 Pacific Playwrights Festival are:

March 24-April 23, 2017
Segerstrom Stage
The Siegel (World Premiere)
by Michael Mitnick, directed by Casey Stangl, dramaturg: Jerry Patch
Ethan Siegel is in love. Tonight he’s going to ask Alice’s parents for permission to marry her. There’s just one hitch. Ethan and Alice broke up two years ago—and she’s in a serious relationship with someone else. But Ethan is undaunted. An irresistible comedy about modern love and the need to go back in order to move forward.

April 9-30, 2017
Julianne Argyros Stage
A Doll’s House, Part 2 (World Premiere, An SCR commission)
by Lucas Hnath, directed by Shelley Butler, dramaturg: Kimberly Colburn
In the final scene of Ibsen’s classic A Doll’s House, Nora makes the shocking decision to leave her husband and children. A door slams. The curtain falls on a stunned audience. Lucas Hnath continues Nora’s story in this intriguing play with a decidedly modern perspective. Fifteen years have passed when there’s a knock on that same door. Why is Nora back—and what will her return mean to those she left behind?

April 19-30, 2017
Nicholas Studio
Yoga Play (World Premiere, An SCR CrossRoads commission)
by Dipika Guha, directed by Crispin Whittell, dramaturg: John Glore
This sharp comedy asks what it takes to find your own authenticity in a world determined to sell enlightenment—one pair of yoga pants at a time.

The four PPF readings are:

Friday, April 21, 2017
Segerstrom Stage
by Amy Freed, directed by Sharon Ott, dramaturg: Mead Hunter
What do you call a woman who is smart, ambitious, quick-witted and strong-willed? In Shakespeare’s England they called her “shrew” (unless they called her “Your Majesty”)—but Amy Freed has a different idea when she applies her wickedly funny spin to the unorthodox romance of Kate and Petruchio.

Friday, April 21, 2017
Segerstrom Stage
Anacostia Street Lions
by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm,directed by John Michael Garcés, dramaturg: Kimberly Colburn
Washington, D.C., 2049 AD: the feral cat population has been neutralized, and now the M.A.N. turns its attention to the “undesirables” in the human population. But twins Fable and Korinna and their Grandthang don’t intend to go down without a fight. Funny. Fierce. Frighteningly imaginable.

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Segerstrom Stage
Long Lost
by Donald Margulies, directed by Daniel Sullivan, dramaturg: Jerry Patch
David has a brilliant career in finance, a beautiful, successful wife, an exceptionally promising son … and a long-lost brother who threatens to blow everything up when he unexpectedly walks back into David’s life. The latest from a masterful observer of the fault-lines within families.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Segerstrom Stage
Cambodian Rock Band (An SCR CrossRoads commission)
by Lauren Yee, directed by May Adrales, dramaturg: Andy Knight
In 1978, Chum fled Cambodia and narrowly escaped the murderous Khmer Rouge regime. Thirty years later, he returns in search of his wayward daughter and is forced to finally face the music. A play with horror, humor, pathos … and songs by the best unknown rock band in Cambodia. Music by Dengue Fever.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Julianne Argyros Stage
Playwrights Panel Discussion
The free panel discussion will include playwrights featured in this year’s festival.

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