Rogue Machine Announces 2017 Season

rogue machine theatre logoRogue Machine Theatre announces its 2017 season with 5 plays new to Los Angeles:

March 4, 2017 – April 23, 2017
West Coast Premiere
Still Life
Directed by Michael Peretzian
Broadway playwright and Academy Award winner Alexander Dinelaris (Birdman; On Your Feet) examines the causal link between life and death, ethics and success, art and redemption. How do we endure loss and re-find the will to make something of our lives?

Spring 2017
West Coast Premiere
I’m Gonna Pray for You So Hard
by Halley Feiffer
This dark and very funny new play which sheds a disturbing new light on the eternal struggles of parents and children to find common ground in a world where success and greed are the cultures touch points.

May 2017
Les Blancs
by Lorraine Hansberry; Directed by Gregg Daniels
A tale of exploding colonial tensions and lost fathers, Les Blancs reveals the impossible moral choices faced by individuals who must reconcile personal happiness with idealism. What happens when what we want and what we think is right is not what must be done?

September 2017
American Premiere
by Oliver Cotton; Directed by Elina DeSantos
Daytona  is a love story about three people who find themselves in crisis when the long-buried past returns to disturb the fragile lives they have constructed to survive. How do we forgive ourselves, and others, while living with what we have done?

Fall 2017
World Premiere
Bled for the Household Truth
by Ruth Fowler; Directed by Cameron Watson
Fowler chronicles her life as a stripper in Manhattan while attempting to obtain a work visa. Bled  is a study of modern alienation, about how difficult it has become for young Americans to trust in a broken cynical world that both forces and promotes “me first.”

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