Press Release: 8 Theaters Split $400K Gift


make moneyLOS ANGELES (January 14, 2017) — Honoring the wishes of his sister Pearl Bordy Frazier, who passed away on October 9 of last year, Drama-Logue founder Bill Bordy has donated a total of $500,000 to LA STAGE Alliance and eight of its member theatres in the Los Angeles area.

“Pearl loved going to work each day,” said Bill Bordy. “Despite what some considered her gruff manner, she was dedicated to a fault and made many friends over the years. Quite often folks would come to the office simply to visit.” Continued Bordy, “Pearl’s no-nonsense attitude and approach were appreciated by all who knew and worked with her.”

Said LA STAGE Alliance Executive Director Steven Leigh Morris, “We are beyond grateful for Bill Bordy’s generous gifts. These funds are particularly timely for a number of theatres that have worked tirelessly for decades, and who now have no ‘membership theatre’ protection from the new Actors’ Equity Agreement that took effect last month. If these and other companies continue using union actors, production costs will soar and while this isn’t a permanent solution for these companies, it will certainly help.” Continued Morris, “The word ‘angel’ was invented for guys like Bill Bordy.”

The following theatre companies, in alphabetical order, each received a check from Bordy for $50,000: Colony Theatre, The Fountain Theatre, Matrix Theatre Company, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Santa Monica Playhouse, Skylight Theatre Company, The Victory Theatre Center, and Will Geer‘s Theatricum Botanicum.

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  1. Wendy Worthington

    What timely and deeply deserved generosity!!

  2. Margaret McCarley

    That’s awesome but…well…I can’t help but wish that $500,000 had been donated to file a new lawsuit against Equity. That would have helped ALL small theatres in Los Angeles and ALL actors, directors, producers, and designers.

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