UPDATED: Judge Dismisses Suit Against Equity


Judge Hatter has dismissed, without prejudice, the lawsuit brought against Equity by Los Angeles.  The official court document of the judgement may be found here.

For more of the history of this lawsuit and Equity’s motion to dismiss, click here.

Dakin Matthews has commented extensively on the court documents.  His most recent analysis is found here.

Kevin Delin has provided comprehensive analysis of this ongoing story from the start.  A recent perspective is found here.

More as story develops.

Update December 9, 2016:  The Plaintiffs release a statement in response to the decision.

Equity Executive Director, Mary McColl’s also comments on the decision.

Update December 12, 2016:  Dakin Matthews gives a layman’s read of the court dismissal.

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  1. We’ll never know if Armina LaManna’s ex parte letter to Judge Hatter helped Equity’s motion… but it obviously didn’t hurt.

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