Sacred Fools Announces 2016-2017 Season

sacred fools 20th season logoSacred Fools Theater Company announces their landmark 20th Season and Beyond, featuring World and Regional Premieres, as well as complementary programming to celebrate their history and community.  Artistic Directors Bryan Bellomo, Danielle Ozymandias, and Alicia Conway Rock have selected a slate of four plays for their 2016–2017 season.

“The plays we’ve selected for this platinum anniversary year represent a spectrum of Foolish ideals – a spirit of irreverence and ingenuity underscored with energy and optimism that has been with us since the founding days of our company.” – Alicia Conway Rock

September – October 2016
Skullduggery: The Musical Prequel to Hamlet
World Premiere
Musical Book, lyrics and music by Michael Shaw Fisher; Directed by Scott Leggett;
Arrangements & additional music by Michael Teoli
Follow the twisted love triangle of Claudius, Gertrude and Hamlet Sr., as it spins, song by song, the unlikely journey from innocent youth to the “most foul” murder in the canon.

November – December 2016
Mom’s Dead
World Premiere
Written by Nathan Wellman; Directed by Alicia Conway Rock
When Mom falls down the stairs, four adult siblings must cope with their family’s unraveling without killing one another in the process.

January – February 2017
Rose and the Rime
West Coast Premiere
Written by Nathan Allen, Chris Mathews, and Jake Minton; Directed by Jacob Sidney
When Uncle Roger reveals to young Rose that her parents were murdered, Rose sets off with her companion, Rabbit, to find the mysterious Rime Witch.  Accessible to all ages.

April – May 2017
TBA – Science Fiction Adaptation
Sacred Fools closes its 20th season with an adaptation of a well-known science fiction novel not performed in over four decades.

June 2017
Sacred Fools at the Hollywood Fringe 2017
In June, Sacred Fools will once again host visiting productions in the 2017 Hollywood Fringe throughout their four spaces, building on their successful participation in Fringe this past summer.

Additional Programming

Sacred Fools 20/20 Series
Twenty curated events presented to the public throughout the year to complement Season 20 programming, celebrating the history of the company and community.  The first event is an encore presentation of King of Kong,   a musical comedy starring Amber Ruffin and Lauren Van Kurin, presented on September 17, 2016. King of Kong  debuted as the Season 8 winner of Serial Killers  before touring the country and claiming Best Musical honors at the Hollywood and New York Fringe Festivals.

Serial Killers 
The popular late-night show returns with new challengers for its twelfth season, “The Dirty Dozen,” on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 11pm. “Five shows enter… three shows leave.”

Season Artwork
Fine art painter Gabe Leonard’s artwork will be on display at Sacred Fools throughout the season. Mr. Leonard, a long-time friend of the company, will create original paintings inspired by each show in Season 20 to also appear on promotional materials.

Fall 2017 (Opening Season 21)
Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play
Written by Anne Washburn; Directed by Jaime Robledo
After the collapse of civilization, a group of survivors keep the spark of human spirit alive by telling stories around a campfire. As the years wear on, these stories expand into the realm of myth.  Each act will be staged in a new space, transporting the audience as we search for the light.

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