International City Theatre Announces 2017 Season

ict long beach logoInternational City Theatre (ICT), the resident professional theater company of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, has announced its 2017 schedule:

Forever Plaid
Feb 17 – Mar 5
(previews Feb 15 – 16)
Singing in close harmony, squabbling over the smallest intonations, and executing their choreography with over-zealous precision, the “Plaids” will keep everyone smiling and humming along to some of the great pop hits of the ‘50s. Written by Stuart Ross with musical arrangements by James Raitt.

Uncanny Valley
Apr 21 – May 7
(previews April 19 – 20)
Thomas Gibbons’ new play about artificial intelligence. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a neuroscientist works closely with an artificial being to teach him how to become more human and to grow beyond the “uncanny valley” — a term used to describe the discomfort we feel when we see electronic recreations of human beings that are close, but just not quite right.

Crimes of the Heart
Jun 9 – Jun 25
(previews Jun 7 – 8)
Meg just left a man. Lenny never had a man. Babe just shot a man.  Beth Henley’s first play examines the plight of three Mississippi sisters betrayed by their passions as each is forced to come to terms with her “crimes of the heart.”

Silent Sky
Aug 25 – Sep 10
(previews Aug 23 – 24)
This new play by Lauren Gunderson explores the life and career of Henrietta Swan Leavitt (1868-1921) as she asserts herself in the male-dominated world of astronomy. Hired by the Harvard Observatory as a human “computer” to catalog the stars, Henrietta’s story plays out against a landscape of early feminism and universe-revealing science.

Oct 20 – Nov 5
(previews Oct 18 – 19)

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