Tim Robbins Union ManVeteran theater critic Myron Meisel applies his Harvard jurisprudence training to the myriad of legal issues facing the Los Angeles theater community including the lawsuit filed against Actors’ Equity and Equity’s Motion to Dismiss same.  Meisel takes the long view, both backwards into the past and forwards into the future, in an attempt to not just make sense of possible Equity motivations but also to confront the Union head-on, once and for all.  His charge to the community?  It reduces to a single word:

Whether it takes the form of petitions, letters, friends of the Court submissions, or what have you, it’s best to take guidance from the plaintiffs’ lawyers, but I believe it is impossible to overdo: Organize! Everyone must devote all their energies in a single direction.

It’s likely Equity is familiar with this word as well.

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