Loft Ensemble Announces 2016 – 2017 Season

loft ensemble logoLoft Ensemble announces its 2016-2017 season.  According to Production Manager Bree Pavey:  “We’ve been producing full seasons since 2012, but never as curated by an artistic committee and set out all at once.  Everything except Long Joan Silver  is written or adapted by a Loft company member.”

September 2016 – Dracula: Blood Before the Dawn
Adapted from Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Raymond Donahey
Introduces the titular character as a human infiltrator, able to move about the Victorian world, observing as a philosopher, scientist, and predator. Set against the backdrop of England’s Industrial revolution, this story is an adventure of historical fiction.

November 2016 – The Cherry Orchard
Adapted from Anton Chekov by Jared Wilson
Called a ‘vaudeville’ by Chekhov himself, this modern adaptation lays into the comedy that most productions avoid. Chekhov’s crowning work is as blooming with life as the Orchard it’s named after.

January 2017 – Long Joan Silver
West Coast Premiere of a Chick Pirate Comedy by Arthur Jolly (Sacred Fools)
The classic adventure story of buried treasure gets a timely makeover combining farce, sight gags, and puns with a dramatic core that explores discrimination, privilege, and greed. Women are front and center as Jim Hawkins comes of age during the voyage of the Hispaniola and the clash between an all-female pirate crew and Squire Trelawney, Doctor Livesey, and Captain Smollett.

March 2017 – School for Wayward Girls
World Premiere Drama by Peter Schulyer
Based on a true story about a dance between cloistered, pregnant, teenage girls and Jesuit high school boys in the mid-1960s. Nuns and priests, more dysfunctional than the kids could ever hope to be, try to guide the young through the treacherous world of puberty.

May 2017 – Catlady
World Premiere Dark Political Comedy by Nathan Shoop and Kevin Kelly
When a delusional old woman begins hoarding feral cats in order to cope with the stress of her missing husband, it isn’t long before barbaric and anarchic behavior breaks out amongst the cats when there isn’t enough food to eat.

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