Press Release: Plaintiffs’ Response to Equity Motion


From Lawsuit Plaintiffs

LOS ANGELES (July 25, 2016) — As expected, Equity filed a motion to dismiss our lawsuit. We stand behind our claims and are going to file our response with the federal court. We are confident the court to see the validity of our lawsuit. Equity clearly violated the terms of our 1989 settlement agreement that established the Review Committee, refused to follow the fair procedures for change mandated by the Settlement Agreement, and ignored the wishes of the membership, which voted 67% to 33% against Equity’s proposal to eliminate the 99-seat plan.

Garry Grossman, an AEA member and one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said “This is a bleak time for the entire Los Angeles theatrical community.” He added that he recently asked Equity to hold a second referendum to gauge the sentiment of the Los Angeles acting community, but was rebuffed. “We were hoping that Equity would understand that their new 99-seat agreement and new internal codes will do tremendous harm to Los Angeles Intimate Theatre. The effects of which, will be felt by thousands of artists, patrons and businesses that all benefit from what Equity members created a half century ago. Now our union is taking that away and we can’t and won’t let that happen.”

The plaintiffs in the actors’ lawsuit expect a decision from the court in September.

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  1. The Motion is set to be heard in Federal District Court, Courtroom 17 (downtown LA) on August 29, 2016. These courtrooms are open to the public if anyone would like to hear the Motion argued by the attorneys. I don’t what time the Motion is to be heard, but that info is no doubt available.

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