BREAKING: LA Plaintiffs serve Equity lawsuit


LOS ANGELES (July 14, 2016) — Actors and other members of the Los Angeles theatrical community (Ed Asner, Tom Bower, Gregg Daniel, John Flynn, Maria Gobetti, Gary Grossman, Ed Harris, Salome Jens, Veralyn Jones, Karen Kondazian, Simon Levy, Amy Madigan, Tom Ormeny, Lawrence Pressman, Michael Shepperd, Joseph Stern, French Stewart, and Vanessa Stewart) have served the lawsuit they filed against Actors’ Equity Association on October 17, 2015.

As one of the conditions for mediated talks, AEA Executive Director Mary McColl is no longer listed as a defendant on the lawsuit.

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serving lawsuit

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  1. Wendy Worthington

    So sorry it has come to this. I wish our representatives had been more willing to hear ALL the voices of those they were elected or hired to represent.

  2. We were always going to end up here. AEA has been shockingly condescending and patronizing throughout this entire sad affair. My only regret is that McColl was indemnified with prejudice. She deserves to choke on the seeds of what she has sown.

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