Ojai Playwrights Conference Announces 19th Season

The Ojai Playwrights Conference (OPC) announces its 19th season with a program of playwrights, new play workshops, and special performance events from August 7–14, 2016 in Ojai, California.

The OPC Summer New Works Festival will feature eleven events over five days with established and up-and-coming playwrights.  Nick Gandiello will be this year’s “Writer-In-Residence.”

“In our 2016 OPC season entitled ‘Across the Divide,’ our playwrights are reaching out, building bridges of human connection across the divisions that polarize us in this extraordinary election cycle. Each is exploring the boundaries and examining the deeper divisions caused by racism, patriarchy, born-again theology, sexual identity, political demagoguery, gun violence, reality tv culture, and civil rights. They will charge into these issues in an effort to create a community of understanding in a troubled world.”  ~ OPC Artistic Director/Producer, Robert Egan

For OPC Summer New Works Festival tickets ($30) and information visit: www.ojaiplays.org

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Sunday, August 7

Intersections #1: Across the Divide – An kick-off event celebrating OPC 2016’s playwrights and their artistic visions of our present social-political climate.

Thursday, August 11

Intersections #2: Blue House Music and Lyrics by Perla Batalla and David Batteau. Play by Oliver Mayer. – How does a great artist say goodbye?

Friday, August 12

New Play Workshop #1: On the Exhale by Martin Zimmerman – After her child is killed in a school shooting, a woman who has never even held a gun becomes enthralled with the experience of firing an assault rifle like the one that took her young son’s life.

New Play Workshop #2: Attention Please by Kristina Wong – Obsessing on reality tv stars and people who are online train-wrecks, culture jammer/performer Kristina Wong asks: What is the point of performance art when reality is doing so much better of a job TRUMPing any sort of artfully manufactured spectacle?

Saturday, August 13


New Play Workshop #3: Blks by Aziza Barnes – On a June afternoon, in gentrifying Brooklyn, 20-some-odd year old & blk Octavia wakes up to find a mole on her clitoris.

New Play Workshop #4: Cake by Bekah Brunstetter – Della makes cakes, not judgment calls — those she leaves to her husband, Tim. But when the girl she helped raise comes back home to North Carolina to get married, and the fiancé is actually another fiancée, Della’s life gets turned upside down.

New Play Workshop #5: Vicuna by Jon Robin Baitz – A tailor of fine men’s suits and his apprentice find themselves increasingly discomfited by a client’s unimaginable rise from blustering real-estate tycoon and risible reality TV star to candidate for the White House.

Sunday, August 14

New Play Workshop #6: Ready Steady Yeti Go by David Jacobi – In the aftermath of a hate crime, Junior High pariah Goon befriends one of the victims, Carly, the only black girl in school.

New Play Workshop #7: Under the Rubble by Kudzai Sevenzo – In a country torn apart by the conflicting pressures of [tribal?] tradition, a crumbling economy, and a populist wave of charismatic Christianity, everybody insists they alone know what a “good African woman” should be – that is, everybody but Sarudzai.

New Play Workshop #8: Our Father by Robert Askins – What do we do when we come together? When we make church? What happens when you mistake yourself for Jesus?

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