2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival Award Nominees and Winners

Below is the full list of the Hollywood Fringe Festival Award Nominees and Winners for 2016.

2016 full size Hollywood Fringe poster footlightsCongratulations to all who were nominated.
Winners are in bold red.

Community Award (“The Freaks”) Nominees
(Top of the Fringe)

“A(partment 8) ”
“Angel’s Flight”
“My Big Fat Blonde Musical”
“Punch and Judy”

Fringe First (World Premiere)

“Apartment 8”
“Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance”
“My Big Fat Blonde Musical”


“A Regular Little Houdini”
“Bin Laden: The One Man Show”
“MacDeth! ”
“Sweet Love Adieu (or ‘The Bard Gets Hard!’) ”

Cabaret & Variety

“Angel’s Flight”
“Live From the Grave: It’s John Belushi”
“MAD😜LIB! The Musical”
“Nine Dresses: Sex, Death, Fashion”
“Serial Killers”


“All The Best Killers Are Librarians”
“Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance”
“MacDeth! ”
“Punch and Judy”
“Titus Andronicus Jr.”

Dance & Physical Theatre

“Apartment 8”
“I was Hamlet”
“Office Beat – A Tap Dance Comedy”
“The Art of Falling Down”

Ensemble Theatre

“Night Witches”
“The Princes’ Charming”
“Up Down Stick Stuck”

Musicals and Operas

“A Feast of Snacks”
“A Whole NEWD World-Cherry Tales at The Knock Shop”
“My Big Fat Blonde Musical”
“The Toxic Avenger Musical”

Solo Performance

“A Regular Little Houdini”
“Las Garcia”
“Still Got It”

Sponsored Award Nominees
A Little New Music Award for Outstanding Songwriting (Sponsored by A Little New Music)

“Bumpersticker: The Musical”
“The Four Horsemen of the Funkpocalypse”
“Thanks A Lot: My Gratitusical”
“Thug Tunnel”

Beyond Bechdel-Wallace Award (Sponsored by Broads’ Word Ensemble)

“A Whole Newd World: Cherry Poppin’s Cherry Tales”
“Complex[ion] woman”
“Las Garcia”
“Night Witches”
“Whale Fail”

Cherry Poppins’ Cherry Picks: Ripest Show (Sponsored by Cherry Poppins Productions)

“Here There Be Dragons”
“Thug Tunnel”
“I Was Hamlet”

O Face Award for Orgasmic Achievement (Sponsored by Orgasmico Theatre Company)
Most Orgasmic Performance:

Tiffany Asta – “Nilbog: The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Troll 2”
Carrie Keranen – “Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance”
Keight Leighn – “Apartment 8”
Alli Miller – “A Whole Newd World-Cherry Tales at the Knock Shop”
Katelyn Schiller – “How to Be a Virgin (In 12 Morally Ambiguous Steps)”

Most Orgasmic Writing:

Molly Dwarsky/Robot Teammate – “Thug Tunnel”
Ernest Kearney – “My Alamo War”
Will McMichael – “Night Witches”
Gabriella Ortega – “Las Garcia”
Amber Ruffin & Lauren Van Kurin – “My Father My Husband (Serial Killers)”

Most Orgasmic Production:

“The Toxic Avenger Musical” – Good People Theatre Company
“The Old Woman” – John Grady
“I Was Hamlet” – Post Mortem Movement Theater
“Kitty” – Serial Killers – Sacred Fools
“Titus Andronicus Jr” – Table 8 Productions

The Duende Distinction (Sponsored by The Vagrancy)

Charlotte Gulezian: Fool for Love – Acting
The Moving Arts Collective: Metamorphosis – Overall Production
Jen Albert & Ryan Beveridge: Punch and Judy – Fight Choreography & Foley Design
Annie Lessor & Keight Leighn: A(partment 8)- Production Concept and Acting
Post Mortem Movement Theatre: I Was Hamlet- Overall Production

The Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award (Sponsored by The Inkwell Theater)

“The Gentrification Cycle” by G.D. Kimble
“Disrupted” by Mary Anna King
“CRAFTSMAN” by Tony Foster
“Odilia” by Vanessa Espino
“Uterine Affairs” by Celine Nyanga

Lumpy-Cramp© Spirit of the Fringe, Never in the Box Award (Sponsored by Lumpy-Cramp© DBA & BLJ Productions)

“Apartment 8”
“American Man Dream”
“Thug Tunnel”
“The Wrong Show: Trigger Happy”
“Punch and Judy”
“The Truth”
“Suckin Injun”
“The Wheel of Invention”
“Johanna Super Happy Bedtime Revue”
“A Whole Newd World-Cherry Tales at the Knock Shop”
“Angels Flight”
“Bin Laden: The One Man Show”
“The Art of Falling Down”
“Vintage Bo”

The Rogue Shakespeare Award for Artistic Excellence (Sponsored by Rogue Shakespeare®)

Ben Moroski – Writing Excellence – “Tilt”
Meshaun Labrone – Writing Excellence – “Power!” Stokely Carmichael
“Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance” – Writing/Directing/Acting Excellence
Danel Llewelyn-Williams – Writing/Acting Excellence – “A Regular Little Houdini”
Matt Ritchey – Directing Excellence – “Angel’s Flight”

The Unleashed Award (Sponsored by Theatre Unleashed)

“All Aboard The Marriage Hearse”
“Porn Rock”
“Wheel Of Invention”
“50 Shades of Shakespeare”
“Life Expectancy”


Cameron Britton – “The Princes’ Charming”
Jessica Moreno- “All Aboard the Marriage Hearse”
Lance Frantzich – “Sweet Love Adieu”
Chris Bramante – “Thug Tunnel”
Jack Zullo – “Live from the Grave: It’s John Belushi”
Danny Fetter and Wesley Tunison – “Toxic Avenger”
David Reynolds – “Thug Tunnel”
Peter Fluet – “Lamprey Weekend of Vengeance”


Elizabeth Dement – “Porn Rock”
Etienne Eckert – “The Craftsman”
Jordan Mann – “50 Shades of Shakespeare”
Katelyn Schiller – “How To Be A Virgin”
Emily Clark – “Slightly Dramatic”
Isabella Petrini – “Matt and Ben”
Patty Jean Robinson – “Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged”


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