2016 Actors’ Equity Election Results

Actors Equity official logo AEA footlightsThe official results, including vote totals, of the 2016 Actors’ Equity election are shown below, winners are in red.  A total of 7215 valid ballots were cast of which 4132 were cast electronically.  There were 168 invalid ballots.

Eastern Region

Principal 4-Year Term:
Nick Wyman (2789)
Nancy Slusser (2510)
Camille Saviola (2501)
Francis Jue (2353)
Jeff Blumenkrantz (2067)
Mary Gutzi (1941)
James Ludwig (1860)
Wally Dunn (1746)
Timothy Oliver Reid (1699)
Brian Myers Cooper (1464)
Todd Buonopane (1445)
Jeff Applegate (1321)
Scott McGowan (1268)
Morgan Paige Fluss (1262)
Joe Zaloom (1162)
Peter Davies (1144)
Bob Knapp (1117)
Jay Paranada (1082)
Pemell Walker (974)
Buzz Roddy (932)
Benjamin Mapp (596)
Mark Richard Taylor (470)

Chorus 4-Year Term:
Kirsten Wyatt (5032)
Rashaan James II (2539)
Ronald L. Brown (2328)
Staś Kmieć (1047)

Stage Manager 4-Year Term:
Jason A. Quinn (5523)

Central Region

Principal 4-Year Term:
Kelley Faulkner (2780)
Mark David Kaplan (2482)

Western Region

Principal 4-Year Term:
Charlayne Woodard (2691)
Leo Marks (1800)
Barbara Callander (1266)

Chorus 4-Year Term:
Kim Huber (3728)
Tro Shaw 1887

Stage Manager 4-Year Term:
Pat Loeb (3206)
John M. Galo (2927)
Lara E. Nall (2881)

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