‘This Week in Shakespeare’ Hits 100 Episodes

armin shimerman discordThis Week in Shakespeare, the weekly video series created by bicoastal actors Liza de Weerd and Brian Weiss, hit a major milestone this week by posting its 100th episode.  To mark this special occasion, de Weerd and Weiss chose married actors Kitty Swink and Armin Shimerman as the epsisode’s subjects.  Shimerman, best known for originating the role of popular Ferengi character Quark in the Star Trek franchise, is a knowledgeable and popular Shakespeare teacher in Los Angeles.  He can be currently seen as Count Leo Tolstoy in Discord, a theatrical production touring Arizona that was developed under the 99-Seat theater plan in Los Angeles.  In addition, Swink and Shimerman are Associate Artistic Directors at the prestigious Antaeus Theatre Company in Los Angeles.  This company focuses on keeping classical works, including those of Shakespeare, relevant for contemporary audiences.

During the interview, Shimerman reveals the three things he believes it takes to become a great Shakespearean actor:

1…know the meaning of every single word [you] have to say…

2…understand the connotation of what the lines are…

3…[know why] you say [the line] in the way that you say it… For example, an aristocrat might say “equine,” a middle-class person might say “horse,” and a low-class person might say “nag.”

Both actors perform Shakespeare monologues to illustrate their points.  Watch the whole interview below and keep up with new installments in the series each Wednesday.  Congratulations to This Week in Shakespeare  for achieving a 100 episode milestone!

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