Geography and LA Theater

moving geography footlightsKCRW’s Anthony Byrnes asks the simple question:

What if theaters came to you rather than you went to theaters?

After all, if theaters in Los Angeles are looking to cost-share and broaden their audience by partnering with theaters in New York, why not partner up with other theaters in Los Angeles?

I once told someone, who lived in the Palisades, to go see a fantastic show in Pasadena and he replied, with no sense of sarcasm, “It would take me two days to get there at that time of day. Are you nuts?”


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  1. Here’s another thought. How about, instead of buying an expensive administrative headquarters in North Hollywood, Equity had instead purchased a small and/or mid-size theatre space and then rented it out at fair value to companies who wished to move up to either 99-seat agreement contracts or better? I’m not talking about Equity producing intimate theatre, just landlording in a humane way that would help small theatres professionalize. It would help test Equity’s theory that contract small theatre is do-able in Los Angeles.

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