Sydney Theaters Underutilized While Producers Struggle to Find Affordable Venues

footlightsArtsHub:  As an argument for why there is a place and a necessity for 99-Seat theater, take a look at these numbers offered in an independent study, which focuses the frustrations of producers in Sydney, Australia who are having difficulty finding affordable venues for small to mid-sized shows, even though Sydney’s theatres are used for performance less than a third of the time.  Comparatively speaking, Los Angeles is not alone in its struggle for survival and might even be doing much better than its theatrical counterpart ‘down under’.  Less venues means less shows, which means, ultimately less work for actors, union or otherwise, and other creative professionals and community businesses who supply these theaters with various services. Some stats of note (in Sydney):

  • There are currently no venues available for hire with less than 100 seats or under $2000 per week in rental.
  • 91% of independent producers surveyed have had to postpone or cancel a show due to the lack of a suitable venue, and 55% have had to make creative compromises because of the venue shortage.
  • 64% of independent producers have cited finding an affordable venue as the single biggest problem they face in putting on a show in Sydney.

The full Sydney Theatre Report 2015  is available.

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