Colony Theatre’s Letter To Subscribers

colony-theater-600x500-2The Colony has seen tough times in the recent past and these tough times are apparently continuing as explained in this recent letter to subscribers from Artistic Director Barbara Beckley:

February 3, 2016

Dear Colony Subscriber,

This season has presented a host of challenges. When we schedule a series of plays, we do our very best to bring you what was announced – but sometimes real life intrudes. Believe me, I share your exasperation with all the changes we have had to make these past few months. And now, I must tell you about the biggest change of all.

As you know, the Colony has been struggling financially for some time. And although with your help we had a reprieve a few years ago, we are once again faced with a serious deficit. We recently completed our annual matching funds campaign (and were very grateful for the wonderful support we received), but unfortunately it generated only enough money to keep the theatre going for a couple of months – and not nearly enough to allow us to continue producing plays as we have in the past. For this reason, we have no choice but to announce that we must cancel the production of our next scheduled show, Another Roll of the Dice.

Then there is our production of Mary Lincoln. I am terribly sorry to inform you that Patty Duke has had to withdraw due to serious family health issues. We are very sad to lose her, as well as the show, and send best wishes to Patty and her family.

These facts have caused us to begin exploring ways to change how we operate, at least for the foreseeable future. We are in discussions with the City of Burbank concerning alternatives, which we hope will include visiting productions.

What does this mean for you as a subscriber? We are asking you to support us during this period of change and growth in one of two ways. You may donate your remaining tickets back to The Colony and receive an immediate tax deduction for the face value. This would be the best option for the theatre. However, if you prefer not to donate your tickets, please hold on to them, as we hope to make arrangements with visiting productions to honor our subscriptions. As a subscriber, you will continue to receive the discounts and prime seating choices you’re accustomed to. You may let us know what you have decided by responding to this email. (If you choose to donate your tickets, we will send you an acknowledgement for your tax records.)

We will keep you informed as we progress through this period of rebuilding our resources. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me directly [phone number removed]. Finally, I want to express our profound appreciation for your support.

Warmest regards,


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