Equity Wars: All’s Quiet on the Western Front

HuffPost: Maybe it’s the summer doldrums, but an uneasy quiet has settled in on the Western Front wars between Actors’ Equity and LA’s 99-seat theater movement. The  hiatus is understandable, but still troubling. http://huff.to/1K2ACmm

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  1. I absolutely agree a lawsuit is necessary. Yes, long-term build-bridging is ALSO essential — I say we’d all be wise to create change within — but let’s face it, Equity needs to be held accountable for their actions, and they certainly aren’t going to punish themselves for their disrespectful and harmful behavior. Equity members need to lawyer-up and let their leaders know they can’t run over their own members and not be held responsible. There are consequences to actions. The time is NOW to hand over a lawsuit with a smile — putting the “court” in courteous. Have a nice day, Equity. Things are about to get real.

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