LA Equity Referendum Results

The official tally on the Referendum has been released:

The ballots for the 99-Seat Proposal Advisory Referendum have been tabulated. We have already shared the results with the National Council and we will be posting the results on the member portal shortly.

As I promised, here are the results of the vote count:

Total number of ballots sent: 6,990

Total Number of ballots returned: 3,141

Percentage of eligible members voting: 44.6%

Total Number of invalid ballots: 20

Total Number of valid ballots: 3,121

Total Number of valid internet ballots: 1,402

Total Number of valid paper ballots: 1,719


Total Number of Yes votes: 1,075

Total Number of No votes: 2,046

As you know, Equity’s National Council will meet on Tuesday, April 21st. The results of the Advisory Referendum vote provide important information to the Council as they consider the 99-Seat Proposal and intimate theater in Los Angeles. Council will take into account the percentage of members who voted, the number of votes cast and the results, as well as the information that you have shared with Council over the last several months.

Thank you for your participation in this referendum.

In solidarity,

Mary McColl
Executive Director

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