Gary Bric’s Ramp

Unless you’re a vegetarian (or, perhaps, even then) you’ll feel like a steak, every once in a while. Trouble is, that has become something of a luxury. I mean, it’s not a culinary creation that has been intricately assembled, sauced and simmered for hours, a valid excuse for a big bucks dish. Furthermore, most of the chain steak houses (and you know who they are), charge fancy prices for that piece of meat and with it comes nadanada even a sprig of parsley. This is why you’ll be pleased to discover the RAMP. For example, a petite filet mignon costs you $22.95 and includes soup, on my night a New England clam chowder that almost spoke with a Bostonian accent or a salad of chopped romaine with tiny croutons and a baby tomato in the middle. The house dressing, which is a mélange of blue cheese, ranch and Italian sounds odd but tastes terrific. The steak comes with fresh vegetables, choice of rice, baked potato etc. but take the stuffed or duchess potato, you’ll love it. For the trencherman appetite, for a dollar more, they have an enormous culotte steak topped with crisply fried, not breaded, onions, same extras. Not a meat eater? There’s an array of seafood and fresh fish, such as white fish, salmon, sea bass and more on the nightly specials list. Their garlic cheese toast is legendary and worth the $3.95. Premium wines from $7.50 per glass. The restaurant has an old fashioned, homey feel, with solid wood walls decorated with knic-nac shelves. The staff is trained to please and accommodate. It was our waitress’ first day and she made a few booboos but was really sweet and apologetic. I’d rather deal with someone like that than a surly, super-efficient robot server.

Gary Bric’s Ramp Steak House, 77730 N. Hollyood Way, Burbank 51505.  818-768-6499. Full bar. Parking lot.  Located right next to the 5 Freeway by the 5 South on-ramp, between the Freeway and the Shell Station. Dinner nightly.

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