In the ancient world…

In the ancient world, at least the ancient western world, scribes recorded the passing of days, the wars, business, affairs of the heart and any other subject deemed important to those is power. As with all things in nature, those that wrote well grew in fame and those that wanted to be famous tried harder. Narratives turned into poetry and poetry was performed. Put poetry and performance together, and you have drama. Mix it all together, and you have the ancient revered wordsmith known as the playwright.

Nearly three thousand years after this process began we now have an entire industry devoted to the presentation of the modern scribe. Be it feature film, or television or theatre, all begin with the efforts of a writer and his/her take on what they observe around them.

The ebb and flow from one medium to the other seems a constant. Many of the great playwrights of the 20th century were lured to Hollywood, and there learned the dramatic difference between show and show business. It is in

The messages of today may seem more mundane then the heroic tales of the past, but in fact the modern scribe has much keener finger on the pulse of contemporary culture then say Shakespeare had of his time.  So we see more an yet there are less words.

For we get to see modern man in all his strengths and fallibilities. We are still struck by the great and mighty, our appetite for the elite has not waned. However, our need to see the elite as accessible and vulnerable is much grown. There’s something delicious in

Even in the world of unscripted reality television, the rhythms and lyrics of modern poetic movement keep us transfixed waiting for the next big moment.

About Peter Finlayson

Peter Finlayson is the Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of FootLights magazine and While working on a prelaw program at the University of Michigan, he happily got involved with the theatre program. Much to his mother’s chagrin, law school never happened, but in a career spanning more than 4 decades, Peter has performed, directed or designed more than 150 productions. In his spare time, he is working on a new play. You can follow him on Twitter @Thtrdog .

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