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The War On Science

Earth science climate

Are you a fan of NASA and the scientific output of our national laboratories? Better enjoy it while our open scientific culture lasts. President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty. President Richard Nixon, more cynically, declared a War on Drugs to indirectly target the black and hippie communities. And since taking office, Republican President Donald Trump has stepped up the unofficially declared War on ...

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Why We Need Art

Fabled Southern Manners on display when several blacks decided to sit at a Woolworth lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi on May 28, 1963.

Occasionally we hear the claim that the first rule of art is to “entertain.” But that’s really not quite correct. The first – and, in fact, only – rule is to “engage.” Once the artist has and holds our attention, he can give us a deep experience that is not quite possible in any other way. Painting isn’t just for decoration. And theater isn’t just ...

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