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The Offending Gesture
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The Offending Gesture

Son of Semele Ensemble
Son of Semele Theater
3301 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA , 90004

Panicky minions scramble to shield a dangerously thin-skinned despot from a perceived slight. What may not be so funny in real life becomes an absurdist vaudeville in the hands of form-busting playwright Mac Wellman, inspired by actual events: In 1941, the German Foreign Office investigated reports of a Finnish dog, Jackie, trained by his owner to salute at the sound of Hitler’s name. Onstage, the actors play cats playing dogs playing humans, watched over by a Greek chorus of singing Mooncats (i.e., cats living on the moon, natch). International crises have never been so much fun!

March 18 - April 9, 2017
Genre: Comedy