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Skullduggery: The Musical Prequel to Hamlet
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Skullduggery: The Musical Prequel to Hamlet

Sacred Fools Theater Company
Sacred Fools Theater
1076 N. Lillian Way
Hollywood, CA , 90038

Let the gravediggers take you back in time to reveal the tale you’ve never heard behind the greatest play in the English language. Skullduggery: The Musical Prequel To Hamlet follows the twisted love triangle of Claudius, Gertrude and Hamlet Sr. as it spins, song by song, the unlikely journey of these lovers from innocent youth to the climactic moment of Hamlet Sr.’s “most foul” murder. Centuries old questions shall finally be answered: What really happened to Yorick? What happened to Ophelia and Laertes’ mother? The missing pieces will connect with revelation upon revelation. Ghosts will rise, revolutions waged, and the bones of Shakespeare’s masterpiece dug up from the earth and exposed in the moonlight. All sides shall be told. All bones shall be heard. After all, a grieving son’s point of view can’t always be trusted.

September 23 - November 19, 2016
Genre: Musical