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The 2015 Ovation Awards: A New Beginning

ovation awards footlights

The 2015 Ovation Awards was an impressive event. More than 1100 from the LA Theatre Community showed up to celebrate the accomplishments of our artists over the past year. Just as important to the celebration was the palpable sense that there was a new beginning to the LA Theatre Story, at least a new act with new opportunities. Yes there was a pallor of concern, ...

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Thoughts on Steven Leigh Morris being named new Executive Director of LA Stage Alliance

steven leigh morris footlights 2015 stage raw awards

A page has turned in the volumes referring to the LA stage community. The Los Angeles Stage Alliance (LASA) has announced Steven Leigh Morris as its new Executive Director. Well known both locally and nationally for his passion about theater and his integrity about journalism, Steven recently founded Stage Raw  after 30 years with the local alternative newspaper, the LA Weekly.  In addition, when the ...

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Theatre is a Part of the Foundation

Hollywood Theatre Row, NOHO

Often in this space we talk about theatre as a community, and as a part of a community. But actually, theatre is more. In a very real and substantive way it is a part of the foundation of community and an integral block of our culture. What I mean is that there is such a deep intertwining of values, history and economics, that the mere ...

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Why Is There A Fight?

fight, 99 seat theatre, Actors' Equity Association

The standoff between Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) and its members moves on without any sign of shifting positions. The word from AEA is that they will not consider any changes to the plan they have promulgated, and the majority of the members continue to insist that their Union not only failed to heed the voice of the members, but is also endangering the theatre community ...

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Art vs Commerce

One of the warriors of the Pro99 movement recently posted a statement on Facebook that is not only worthy of repeating, but important to understand. William Salyers said, “Those who believe in art as an end unto itself will ultimately prevail for one simple reason: we will not quit. Those who believe in art as a function of commerce will eventually lose interest, because the ...

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A Round of Applause to Actor’s Equity Association

While Los Angeles is world renowned as the Entertainment Capital of the World, most consider that “Entertainment” as film, television and music. But live theatre is a part of that “Entertainment Capital” title. Los Angeles produces more theatre on a regular basis than anywhere else in the world. Now for us, that’s not a big surprise, but to the world it’s astounding. Theatre in LA? ...

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Intimate Theatre

Los Angeles intimate theatre is now under siege. Even if you’re tired of hearing about it, it continues. Actor’s Equity Association, (AEA) besides unilaterally changing the basic plan for theatres her in LA, has now gone an extra step and is telling theatres that have been producing for more than 20 years, that they have no record of for example the Evidence Room ever having ...

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The Cost of Theatre

As you may be well aware, there is a battle raging as to what the landscape of LA theatre will look like in coming days. At stake is the ability of seasoned actors that are members of Actors Equity Association (AEA) to be able to engage in their art without a contract. For more than 30 years, AEA members have been willing to provide their ...

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Bully on the Block


What do you call it when a 6th grade hall monitor goes up to the smallest 4th grader and “says get off the playground!”? We call it bullying, right? Mr. Boss approaches the mail boy and says, “Norbert, get out of my way, get me some coffee!”? It can be seen as abuse? When a union tells its members that you can’t volunteer, you can’t ...

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The Temple of Theatre

Theatre is an art form. But what is Art? From Wikipedia, we get “Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities …..”. fair enough, but I think it goes a little deeper.  From me you get, Art is the effort of the individual to express their innermost passions. Art can be created without any further consideration than the intent ...

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